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Flexible cord parakeets to place the bars of the cagesYou have the following measures: 56.5 cm - 14 mm..
Ex Tax:2.55€
Yacos flexible cord or African Grey Parrot to place the bars of the cage great for your bird can relax and restYou have the following measures: 70 cm - 20 mm..
Ex Tax:4.76€
  Bird toy with bells mirror and a modern design that will delight your birds. +/- Diameter 5 x 15 cm..
Ex Tax:4.92€
This perch ensures that your birds can sharpen their beak and that their nails stay short and clean 16 cm..
Ex Tax:1.94€
   Funny perfect cage for your bird complement. With this toy your bird will be entertained for hours, avoiding boredom and unwanted behaviors that this causes. It is a product of excellent German quality.The stairs are made of safe and durable natural wood that does not dama..
Ex Tax:10.70€
Bird toy with bells and guitar-shaped mirrorMeasures +/- 8 cm  ..
Ex Tax:3.10€
Mirror diameter 5.5 cmTotal height 12 cm..
Ex Tax:1.45€
Paddle kilear seeds helpful throughout aviary...
Ex Tax:2.40€
Lima naturally beak and claws of birds. It is easily fixed.Size: 22 cm or 15 cm . Ø  2 cm    ..
Ex Tax:3.44€
This hanger Amazon or grays ensures that your bird can sharpen its beak and nails are short and clean. 27 cm..
Ex Tax:4.07€
The snake  Accessories available toys that will stimulate and entertain your bird. This toy snake has a modern design . Hood finish , provides various small objects such as beads , mirrors or bells. +/- Diameter 5 x 15 cm..
Ex Tax:3.45€
Staircase with a loud rattle and rotating top. For small birdsSize: 7 x 18 cm  ..
Ex Tax:2.11€
Funda de lija pajaros 4 unidades por paquete de lija..
Ex Tax:1.41€
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