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Complete food especially suitable for gray parrots.Food that contains all the seeds that be in the gray parrot their region of origin: Africa, enriched with delicious figs, carob beans and goldThe main ingredients are: sunflower seeds, dates, figs, beans and corn.750 g  ..
Ex Tax:5.41€
Amazonian complementary food for parrotsVitakraft Amazonian parrots complementary food for 750 grams (net weight). Special food for parrots whose place of origin is South America, for example, amazons and macaws. It is a complete food with seeds and fruits of their place of origin, such as papay..
Ex Tax:8.14€
Australian Vitakraft nymphs 750 grams of special food for parrots and cockatoosAustralian nymphs 750 grams of Vitakraft Complete food especially for cockatiels and cockatoos. The main ingredients are herbs, pine, spruce seeds, eucalyptus leaves and flowers of cactus, that these birds are fed as..
Ex Tax:4.77€
   The Vitakraft is a special food for lovebirds or "inseparable" with ingredients from their place of origin, Africa. Developed by veterinary and scientific experts, they will taste totally crazy.Contains acacia flowers, dates, figs and corn color, that these birds are..
Ex Tax:4.99€
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