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Comedero Criador - 5 huecos

Comedero Criador - 5 huecos
Comedero Criador - 5 huecos
Comedero Criador - 5 huecos
Comedero Criador - 5 huecos
Comedero Criador - 5 huecos
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  • Brands Benelux
  • Model 170
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Food in poultry is one of the most important to ensure the health of pets and optimal results respects. Not only should you consider the quality of food for the bird, also the way in which this is dispensed.

There ensure that the bird feeder has enough capacity to avoid problems due to lack of space or if the dispenser is right for that food does not jam, the latter aspect of vital importance, for example, for periods when the owner is absent for a longer time than usual.

Having a proper bird feeder is based, regardless of whether it is breeding birds or company split.

Capacity approx: 500-600 gr.

Diameter: 19 cms

The hopper feeder Benelux five holes, ensure adequate supplies of food for birds and ergonomic design allows the animal is fed with all the comidad.

Feed storage takes place in the top, shaped socket incorporated in a phase to avoid uncomfortable and dangerous food atranques funnel.

This device seeks to continually feed necessary to reach the bottom which is composed of the container and lid of five holes designed for maximum comfort for the birds.

  Even its circular support has been designed for a perfect grip.  

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