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Glycerin Bird Shampoo

Glycerin Bird Shampoo
Glycerin Bird Shampoo
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Natural bird shampoo with built-in glycerin. With this shampoo you can clean, enhance and disinfect the plumage of canaries, parakeets, parrots, pigeons and other cage birds. Very soft formula, odourless and colourless, and pH neutral for bath water used in hot weather. Special packaging allows it to be sprayed directly onto the feathers or added easily to regular bath water. Totally innocuous by ingestion.

Glycerine is a substance with a bactericidal effect, which also softens the feathers and maintains their natural moisture.

Composition: purified water, glycerin, excipients.

Instructions for use: in small baths it is sprayed twice and in large baths 4 times. Repeat the corresponding dosage at each water change.

Presentation: 125 ml bottle

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