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Terramix Ácaros 200 grs (especial nidos)

Terramix Ácaros 200 grs (especial nidos)
Terramix Ácaros 200 grs (especial nidos)
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L-V: 8:00 - 18:00
Special composition indicated for nests
 90% of the breeders, we fight all the seasons of breeding, to keep the nests of our birds clean and free of the famous piojillo (red mite).
Terramix special nests, offers you the solution. With its special formula indicated for the treatment of mites and natural disinfection, the typical watery faeces caused by the various diseases of chickens will be reduced and we will definitively fulminate the unwanted piojillos.
Apply the product inside and outside the nest before the breeders have the right material to build it, once the nest is finished, re-sprinkle the product before laying eggs.
In urgent cases it can be applied with eggs, newborn chickens, without any risk for them.
Breeder, get a healthy nest, with adequate environmental conditions for the welfare and development of our small birds.
100% Natural, without chemical compounds.

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