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Mxt. Canarios T3 Platino (Manitoba)

Mxt. Canarios T3 Platino (Manitoba)
Mxt. Canarios T3 Platino (Manitoba)
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Mixture T3 Platinum (With Knob)

Professional mix of extra quality of the Manitoba brand, with high quality seeds especially for feeding Canaries, although it can also be used in Goldfinches, Wild, exotic, etc. ,

Thanks to its composition that does not contain seeds that produce doré, it prevents the appearance of different shades in the feathers.

This mixture is very low in fat, making it ideal for breeding and maintenance, although it can be used all year round without any problems.

Seeds: Canary seed, negrillo, white perilla, flaxseed and hempseed.

Supply at free disposal.

By many considered the best mix in the world.

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