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Germizin Sin Dore Ornizin

Germizin Sin Dore Ornizin
Germizin Sin Dore Ornizin
Germizin Sin Dore Ornizin
Germizin Sin Dore Ornizin
Germizin Sin Dore Ornizin
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Innovative feeding systems with which it is achieved simulates the fattening of the birds in freedom, a fact that until this product had never been achieved, maintaining the same texture, protein vitamins and energy, making the fattening enormously appetizing, digestive and development chicken is really fast, and perfect since it maintains high levels of energy, which in traditional sprouts disappear, so the development with TOTAL GERMIZIN will be greater.


1- CEBA SIMULATION IN FIELD; Apply 2 parts of product with 1 of water, for 5 minutes and mix with CEBA PLUS or BREEDING PASTE until obtaining the desired texture.

-2 RAPIDITY AND EFFECTIVENESS; Mix directly with CEBA PLUS or brood paste until the desired texture is obtained

-3 FREE OF CHARGE; When the chickens are born, until the separation of the parents,

Administer once or twice a week outside the breeding season to adapt the players,

INGREDIENTS: Black, white knob, white lettuce, hemp seed, VITAMINS, A, D3, E, etc.

Format; 2 kilos bucket of germinated seeds.

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