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Lechuga Blanca

Lechuga Blanca
Lechuga Blanca
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Great for purifying the blood, very nutritious, fairly easy to digest and above Slimline is also very refreshing.


Lettuce seeds (Lactuca sativa) is a small seed rich in vitamins B, C and A.
It is a seed that has laxative effects.
This seed helps improve the colorful plumage of our birds.

100 grams of lettuce seed containing;
-1.5 G protein
-0.38 G fat
-2.9 G of carbohydrates
-20 calories
-24 Mg calcium
-25 Mg of phosphorus
-0.5 Mg of iron

Represents 10% of the mixture to give my birds, said mixture is supplied more or less continuous basis according to the needs of the bird and the time of year

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