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KIKI Panizo en espiga

KIKI Panizo en espiga
KIKI Panizo en espiga
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Ideal for small sized exotic food. Given the small size of the seed is swallowed without difficulty. It belongs to the family of millet, with very similar nutritional contributions. Two yellow and red types, the most popular is yellow, which varies from red to a greater contribution of carotenoids. The Red brings against tannins can reduce the development of chicks.

  The panizo herringbone, and provide numerous nutrients, serves to alimentn birds playing, picking and researching its more than 60,000 grains, keeping them distracted while fotifican musculature.

Instructions: Hang a peg inside the cage and leave freely available. Always keep fresh, clean water available delos birds

The container has a weight of 100 grams. Millet contains pins 20 to 28 cm long.

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