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Versele laga Prestige big parakeet

Versele laga Prestige big parakeet
Versele laga Prestige big parakeet
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The birdseed Versele Laga Prestige big parakeet Stand Up is a mixture of grains of comprehensive quality for daily feeding of nymphs, lovebirds, parrots and large parakeets. Its unique formula is designed to keep birds in excellent condition, thanks to a combination of grains, seeds and nuts perfectly balanced. You can offer your pet all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and vital.

The Versele Laga Prestige range is the result of using the best raw materials in combination with the most advanced production techniques. Know perfectly the nutritional needs of birds as for creating formulas develop a continuous scientific research, always work in collaboration with veterinary specialists and universities, and cooperate intensively with the best breeders and zoos. Thus, they are true experts in your great parakeet, and can provide formulas that guarantee optimal feeding your pet.

Laga Prestige big parakeet Stand Up, like all products Varsele Laga Prestige range has been subjected to strict quality controls so that you have all guarantees. Furthermore, it is packed in modified atmosphere free of oxygen in a special wrapper bird food preserves this light, air and moisture. So, it will come with their nutritional, crunchy texture and flavor intact.


Food for large parakeets balanced and rich in nutrients.
Mixture of beans of the highest quality.
Developed in collaboration with veterinarians, universities, breeders and zoos.
Packaging to preserve all its properties intact.


Food for everyday feeding of birds as nymphs, lovebirds, parakeets and small parrots large.
The bags of 20 kg (saving format) are perfect for breeders.
Make sure your bird has provided food and fresh water available to them and change them daily.

Nutritional description:

Ingredients: yellow millet (32%), red millet (10%), shelled oats (9%), birdseed (9%), striped sunflower seeds (6%), wheat (5%), safflower (5%) seed rape (4%), hemp seed (4%), white millet (4%), white sunflower seeds (3%), linseed (3%), Rice Paddy (2.5%), shelled peanuts ( 1.5%), elm (1%), Japanese (1%) millet.

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