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Pineta Lievitor 250 grs (Probiòtico bacteriano)

Pineta Lievitor 250 grs (Probiòtico bacteriano)
Pineta Lievitor 250 grs (Probiòtico bacteriano)
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Regulator of intestinal bacterial flora based on active yeasts

- Bacterial Lievitor is an effective regulator of the intestinal bacterial flora and during rearing.

- Helps to control bacterial proliferation phenomena.

- Improves the assimilation of food and stimulates the immune system.

- It has a high percentage of protein and its use is recommended during the rearing and molting period as a source of amino acids and B vitamins.

WE RECOMMEND: in cases of physical weakness, in periods of stress, during shedding, after veterinary treatments to quickly rebalance the intestinal bacterial flora and regain good health; useful in all cases in which an energy food is needed to compensate for nutritional deficiencies. Does not produce browning

How to use.

Use: mix with food or with slightly moistened grains.

Dose: 5/10 g per Kg of pasta or feed.

Duration of Treatment after veterinary treatments: 6/8 consecutive days.

Maintenance: 5 days per month.

Complementary feed for companion and / or ornamental birds.

Composition - Ingredient Categories: yeasts (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae).

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