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Quiko Plus | Extra proteina 400 g

Quiko Plus | Extra proteina 400 g
Quiko Plus | Extra proteina 400 g
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 Quiko is basically Plus Extra Beer Yeast enriched with B vitamins and extra levels of protein, amino acids and minerals.
It is particularly suited to enhance Breeding Pasta with valuable nutrients during the time when the chick leaves the nest until the first molt. With Quiko Plus, even when you eat little chick takes enough of the most important nutrients in the most critical stages of growth.
Quiko Plus intensifies the process of changing tissue and thereby reinforce achieved overall, even in young birds.
It is enriched with vitamins soluble powder that provides high quality protein and highly digestible for the young.
The protein level is essential, not only to build muscle mass and body of the pigeon, but for the plumage.
The period between which they are newly hatched until about 10-12 days of age is extremely delicate. You get the chicks develop good size and great vigor will result in more copies successfully.
Combined with Quiko Forte, get the chicks develop rapidly, with strength and vigor, which make them ask for more food to their parents.

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