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Levadura de cerveza Zoopan 1kg

Levadura de cerveza Zoopan 1kg
Levadura de cerveza Zoopan 1kg
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Brewer's yeast of extraordinary quality and purity is a food supplement very rich in proteins, amino acids and minerals. Made completely naturally with brewer's yeast. Especially indicated during breeding. Promotes growth and increases resistance to disease. It is rich in albumin and other proteins and vitamins of group B.

Its nutritional properties are excellent, due to its composition: high protein level, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, it is an excellent food supplement for breeding paste, it has all the essential amino acids for the development of the muscles, providing the enzymes that transform the fats and carbohydrates in the body of the bird.

During the moulting period, the high level of biotin, amino acids and vitamins of group B, guarantee a silky and complete plumage.

Strengthens the immune system, reinforces the metabolism and increases the natural defenses of pigeons and adults.

It stimulates the appetite, its use being especially recommended in breeding, allowing rapid weaning of the pigeons and making the hatchery more profitable.

Mode of use: From 10 grams to 30 grams per kg of breeding paste (a well heaped tablespoon).

Indicated for all types of birds, whatever their size, in pigeons and parrots increase the dose to 40gr per kg of food or put in a feeder freely available.


 It detoxifies the organism of our birds and contributes to the regeneration of the intestinal flora.

• The proteins and vitamins of group B present in brewer's yeast make an ideal combination for the regeneration of tissues and for the growth of our chicks.

• It is an excellent tonic that keeps the nervous system and organs in general in balance.

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