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220V LED STRIP LIGHT BLUE NIGHT connection from 1 to 4 meters. IDEAL FOR MOON EFFECT aviaries. Low power consumption and easy installation. (4w x meter) INSTALL RECOMMENDED WITH CLOCK-TIMER ref. TP It's true and appropriate in the aviaries that once day lights to rema..
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NEKTON-GELB (Color Amarillo)
-15 %
   NEKTON-GELB enhances the yellow coloring of yellow canaries, orioles, dwarf chickens, mutations of finches (especially yellow lutinos) as well as birds whose feathers containing carotenes. NEKTON-GELB is soluble in water so it can be supplied either in the drinking water or o..
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Pulverizer 1L
-33 %
Article is convenient for bathing, worming and local birds. Simply enter the desired liquid spray inside, close and ready to use...
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Quiko Med 750 grs
-14 %
Med Quiko powder is a completely natural extract without any known side effects. Kills bacteria, fungi and intestinal coccidia of birds.Composition: Each 100 grams contains Quiko Med 5 g of aetheroleum Origani (oregano). How to use:Therapeutic Dosage: 3 grams (one level measuring spoon incl..
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Ornizin Pienso Econatur E3MM
-5 %
Ornizin Pienso Econatur E3MM  Canaries and their hybridsIngredients: Seeds, food grains, animal and vegetable proteins, fats, oils, vitamins, minerals, fruit, prebiotics.OLIGOELEMENTS: Calcium 1.5% Phosphorus 0.8% Iron, Iodine, Cobalt Magnesium, Zinc, SeleniumESSENTIAL AMINOACIDS: Isoleuci..
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Pajarera hexagonal Oporto
-20 %
Oporto hexagonal birdhouseSpacious bird cage in a hexagonal shape suitable to accommodate all kinds of birds such as exotic, tropical, canaries, parakeets, lovebirds, nymphs, etc.  It is a very large cage suitable for installing a small colony of tropical or several pairs of parrots. ..
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Pienso MS2M  Canarios Sin Dore Ornizin
-5 %
High quality feed for moulting and maintenance of coloured canaries.It helps to reduce health problems, keeping the birds healthy, reducing problems in breeding.Improves absorption in pigmentation.19% Protein14% Fats5% Fibre 5% Ashes4 kg..
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BIPAL TOTAL Complemento vitaminico mineral 500 grs
-13 %
With BIOPAL TOTAL you will get:Finish with anemia and other deficiency diseases that are currently suffering the most birds in captivity and that the breeder not decta.The chicks hatch and grow strong and vigorous.Eliminate digestive disorders, so the food diarrhea (soft stools).Impr..
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