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Cage Yaco Palace
-12 %
Excellent cage for Greys, Amazons, Eclectus and other medium sized parrots.   It has 3 feeders. Upper playground Tray built into the playground. Feeders stainless steel rotating roll system. Wooden hangers. Front closure for maximum security. Dimensions: 91 x 66 x 175 cm..
219.94€ 249.95€
Ex Tax:181.77€
Papel rollo blanco 40 cm economy
-25 %
Paper roll white 40 cm Valid for the Cages of Cria , through the Support for paper...
9.95€ 13.25€
Ex Tax:8.22€
Pajarera Barcelona
-14 %
Voladera spacious cage for birds suitable for hosting all kinds of birds as exotic, tropical, canaries, parakeets, lovebirds, nymphs, etc.   It is a very large cage appropriate to install a small colony of tropical or several pairs of parakeets. It provides an appropriate and safe to your..
189.00€ 219.95€
Ex Tax:156.20€
BIPAL TOTAL Complemento vitaminico mineral 500 grs
-13 %
With BIOPAL TOTAL you will get: Finish with anemia and other deficiency diseases that are currently suffering the most birds in captivity and that the breeder not decta. The chicks hatch and grow strong and vigorous. Eliminate digestive disorders, so the food diarrhea (soft stools). Impr..
2.45€ 2.83€
Ex Tax:2.23€
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