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Indicated for all bird species• Promotes the development of the pen and the state• Strengthens the plumage,• Has a protective action on the liver,• Ensures optimal metabolism,The bird is subject to stress during molting.At this time an optimal supplement for food is necessary.The sulfurous amino aci..
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Betabio Plus Legazin Natural Pigmentation   Target species: Jigueros, Venazuela Cardinal, Pardillos, etc.   Ingredients: Cereals, Seeds, Bakery Products, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Fats, Oils, Lysine and Meteonin, Vitamins, Minerals and Betacarotenes.   Vitamins:   A: 18,000 IU / kg. D3: 41..
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Comed Murium, protects the liver in addition to improving digestion. Essential during the moveINDICATIONS:- Murium regulates digestion.- It is excellent for the liver, especially when the metabolism is overloaded as a result of intense efforts or after medical treatment.- If combined with Comed Muro..
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Nutritional Supplement, mineral and amino acids intended for ornamental birds, suitable for deficiency states, physical wear, Loss of appetite, stress state and especially for moulting, providing a necessary move for optimum energy shock. composition: Magnesium Sulfate, 12.5% ​​Sorbitol,..
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Comed Murol, Oil for shedding 250 ml.Aromatic supplement, derived from Enhanced Oil, to help the specific metabolism during the shedding process. Can be combined with Murium to increase its effectivenessINDICATIONS:- Provides the necessary nutrients for the formation of the new plumage- It favors th..
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Nutritional Supplement for molting. Nekton Bio is a special preparation that stimulates the growth of feathers, avoid pecking own feathers caused by nutritional deficiencies and ensures the formation of a complete and balanced plumage. Administered during the annual molt. Also it is used in the e..
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Vitamin supplement for birds formulated to provide the adequate daily amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, avoiding their possible deficiencies. Nekton S reinforces the body's resistance, reducing the possibility of infections and diseases.Nekton S multivitamin supplement enriched with amin..
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Muda feather Anticaida Tabernil Tabernil move is a vitamin supplement for canaries and birds of ornaments in general (parakeets, parrots, finches, etc.) that is given as drops in the drinking water. Its use is indicated when the pen drop occurs during the period of physiological move by pathol..
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Avianvet Moulting Oil is a complementary food for birds composed of a careful selection of non-GMO vegetable oils to promote brightness and feather change.Composition: Sunflower oil, linseed oil, camelina oil, hemp oil, dextrose and sodium chloride. Formic acid E-236; potassium sorbate E-202. V..
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Supplement indicated for the moulting phase. Its carefully selected vitamin, mineral and amino acid composition, together with the use of prebiotics, allows the bird's metabolism to function optimally, especially at liver level, contributing to a better performance of the defences in stressful situa..
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Vitamin supplement with amino acids HIDRO REX VITAL Indications and species of destination: Birds: Avitaminosis, stimulating growth, stimulating productions and stress. Avitaminosis, stimulating growth, stimulating productions and stress. Activator of growth and animal production. After ..
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COLUMBIMUDA is a complementary food that provides the vitamins, amino acids and trace elements necessary for moulting.500ml..
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Muda Avianvet is a food supplement to add to the drinking water of birds during the molting season. Muda Avianvet favors the change of plumage, reduces the time of moult and strengthens the defenses during the time of the molt.   Muda Avianvet contains essential amino acids, Lysine, tryptophan..
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MUDA BIOTINA AVIANVET is a water-soluble powder supplement to promote the moulting of birds, improve the brightness of the plumage and strengthen the immune system, ideal for moulting.MUDA BIOTINA is a special preparation for moulting, composed of vitamins, amino acids and brewer's yeast with prebio..
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Dumb without Dore Ornizin Vitamin with amino acids without golden brown. Target species: Ornamental birds such as canaries, goldfinches, diamonds, parakeets, lovebirds and columbiforms. Dosage; Preventive - 1 ml per liter of water. Curative - from 3 to 6 ml per liter of water. H..
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Mudabird is a non-golden essential vitamin and amino acid supplement specifically formulated to promote perfect moulting.It considerably improves the quality of the plumage by supplying all the necessary amino acids.Mudabird is made with the highest quality and rigour, being a product suitable for b..
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Increases feather formation and avoids pecking between birds.COMPOSITION: Lithotamn, Calcium Carbonate, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Brewer's Yeast, Fish Oil containing Epa and Dha, Calcium Salts of Dietary Fatty Acids from Linseed Oil, Monocalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Purified Extract of Carduus..
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This mixture is especially refined during the moulting period. It ensures a good moulting and a perfect immune system against the numerous problems during this period. It also contains herbs to enhance the color. This mixture contains no less than 40 different herbs.Ingredients: coriander, tagetes, ..
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Omega-Plus S is an oil obtained from the production of anchovies from the northern seas, it has a high content of Omega3 and Omega6. Added to the feed, it improves the fertility and brightness of the plumage.Use it throughout the breeding period and especially during the moult for silky, shiny pluma..
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Omegabird | Shine in the plumageOmegabird is an omega-3 and omega-6 rich fat supplement that supports the immune system, heart function and is essential for a shiny and silky plumage.Omegabird is essential during the moulting process, since with its administration we help not only a silky and shiny ..
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Food supplement for pet and/or ornamental birds that strengthens the nails and improves the plumage during the moulting period.Composition:Products and by-products of fermentation processes of microorganisms (yeasts) and minerals.Organoleptic additives:flavoringsNutrient additives /kg:3.2.2. L-Lysin..
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Ornizin Muda Plus is especially indicated for periods of molting, reinforcing the bird's defenses and helping to carry out a clean molt.Use in the moulting period in the drinking water or in the paste, the dosage must be 6ml per liter or kg of paste administered three times a week for two weeks.Comp..
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Pack Muda Fortebird
The Mini Muda pack contains:MudaBird 50 gBathBird 250 gAcidBird 100 mlPeckingBird 200 g..
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Pack Super Muda Fortebird
In this ForteBird brand pack is included:Omega Bird 500mlPecking Bird 400 gramsMudaBird 300 gramsBath Bird 500 grams..
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Quiko Birdol : Against itchingBath additive with eucalyptus and glycerine.Supports the respiratory system and mucous membranes. Due to its special composition,Quiko® Birdol is the ideal complement to the bath water, ensuring a healthy, soft and shiny plumage,soft and shiny plumage.250 ml..
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It provides the birds with the amino acids, vitamins and minerals necessary for the reconstitution of the plumage in the molts, both in the normal ones and in the accidental ones.HOW TO USE:- Can be administered in water or mixed in food- Mix 10 drops of Serimuda per drinker (50 ml) or with 50 g of ..
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PHASE 2 "Bios" contains dandelion, shepherd's purse, centoquio and watercress. Ideal plants in the growth phase, weaning and moulting, occasional use throughout the year avoids stress and metabolic problems.How to use: In dry food or wet food at a dose of 10 gr/kg. Optimum integrator to nutritionall..
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For moulting and good feathering with vitamins, amino acids and minerals.Vitamins, trace elements, minerals, choline and combined methionine are important for thecombined, are important to maintain a biological balance during the physiological stress caused by molting. They contribute to prevent def..
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SERIMUDA provides the required amounts of amino acids and vitamins necessary to ensure correct renewal plumage, both silent and normal or abnormal heavy, and also in the process of feathering of the offspring. How to use: It is administered in drinking water and in the following doses: in normal ..
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