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Dry pasta

Pure white paste without factor bird breeding - Exempt from eggs and pigmenting ingredients - Guaranteed not produce unwanted pigmentation - Synergistic mixture of proteins - With rivoflavonoides - Increase the birth rate Nutritional Analysis: Protein 18.5% Crude fat 6.8%, ash 5.1%, 4.8% Crude fiber..
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Suitable for finches, finches and buntings suckers. It also contains crustaceans, proteins, individual and special seeds, grass and dandelions. Our pasta contains naturally occurring substances and / or vegetable that help improve the state of the intestinal health. The proper functioning of the i..
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This paste is particularly suitable for breeding canaries or white plumage with light colors such as mosaic , satin , etc. . No products containing dyes to highlight its bright white plumage.Their main nutritional advantages are: It contains large amounts of vitamin A, vitamin essential for ..
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Sincere White Dry Pasta (Manitoba)Professional Dry White Pasta NO Dore extra quality for all kinds of birds, dye-based bakery products, vegetable protein extracts, cereals, oils and fats, natural sugars, egg products, minerals, milk and milk derivatives, aromas.Composition: 10% humidity; Gro..
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 Pasta White TH White Extra Dry (Raggio di Sole)Professional dry white paste DORE NO extra quality for all types of birds especially whites, mosaics and light colored canaries generally avoids the undesirable color in the feathers, based bakery products, albumin, no colors, cereals, vegetabl..
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Legazín Orni Complet Procría White SecaPasta professional morbid cria with prebioticsSIN DORE - No Trace egg or carotenesInstructions: Manage freely available during the breeding season or as extra food intake.ingredients:Bakery products, vegetable protein extracts, oils, fats, ..
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It is an ideal appetizing food for the breeding season. makes it very tempting not contain dyes or ingredients that may cause a change in the color of the plumage of birds. slightly moistened; boiled eggs, sprouts, grated apples or other fruits can be added freely.Ingredients: Bread, products an..
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Yellow Pasta Seca TH World (Raggio di Sole)Yellow Dry Pasta special professional for all types of birds especially European, indigenous and exotic wildlife, based bakery products, oils and fats, cereals, natural sugars, vegetable by-products, seeds, fish and fish derivatives, molluscs and shellf..
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WITHOUT COLORING, WITH CUSCUS, MILK AND PREBIOTICSBIANCOVIT SPECIAL is a dry paste, milk and dyes to avoid unwanted spots. Couscous contains FRUTOLIGOSACCHARIDES for a better regulation of the bacterial flora, beta-glucans to stimulate the systemimmunological, PROTECTED VITAMINS, methionine,..
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Easyyem egg feeding adapts to all species of red birds.The content in nutritious substance is composed exactly to the needs and enriched expressly with a canthaxanthin.It is not necessary to mix an additional red color.ANALYSIS: Proteins 22%, Fat Content 8%, Crude ash 3.8%, Calcium 0.10%..
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New Defender - To moisten dry pasta containing organic acids and propolis to fight the proliferation of fungi, molds and bacteria in pasta and pasta bacteria and improve digestibility.With the use of this product megabacterias growth inhibition, regulation of intestinal bacterial flora, preventi..
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White Seca TH Puro breeding stock is indicated for the breeding of lipochromatic canaries (white, mochaic, frosted, etc.)This extra quality paste for all types of birds, is completely free of dyes and pigment substances, could not cause an unwanted gold in the plumage. Formulated with providing ..
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Lus White Dry White Breeding Paste B13 5 kgBreeding paste Lus super B13 dry white without browning 5kg Preserved with: EEC additives. Analytical content: Moisture content 12.52%. Crude protein 12.91% Crude fat Crude fat 2.61% Crude cellulose 0.17Notes: No colouring agents...
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LUS super 20 dry white breeding paste Lus super 20 white dry white non-golden breeding paste with lus ovalbumin 5kgDry paste with egg white (min. 20%) specifically for breeding. Ingredients: flour type "0", egg whites (min. 20%), milk proteins, egg white powder, whole wheat flour, glucose syrup..
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Dry breeding pasta without Doré of the highest quality specially made for the breeding of canaries.This product is indicated for all types of granivorous birds.Designed to encourage the fattening of youngsters in the breeding season.Optionally it can also be used as a supplement to improve diets bas..
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Professional white dry pasta 7 kg OrnizinMade with fresh and natural ingredients. With egg albumin and Aminesent.Dry brood paste with prebiotics. Without doré.Our range of professional pasta incorporates aminesent and prebiotics. Professional morbid pasta for specific lovebirds, nymphs,..
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Compound food for canaries.Amarela Extra of the Fly Paté line by Raggio di Sole is a pastoncino for the breeding of melanin-colored canaries, in shape, position and song. The particular granulometry makes Amarela Extra also suitable for exotic birds and small parakeets (cocorita, lovebirds, etc...
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Attilio Santi is one of the most established international canary breeders. He has achieved and continues to achieve amazing results with his canaries. From the experience and skill of Attilio Santi and the professionalism of Pineta was born SANTI DRY, the semi-dry paste of the champions!Paste of th..
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White dry 5kgProfessional dry white paste ideal for rearing and weaning.It is a dry paste ideal for the breeding season. it makes it very palatable and contains no colouring or ingredients that can cause a change in the colour of the birds' plumage. it can be moistened with soft-boiled eggs, germina..
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White dry 9kgProfessional dry white paste ideal for breeding and weaning.It is an ideal dry pasta for the breeding season. makes it very palatable, it does not contain dyes or ingredients that can cause a change in the color of the plumage of birds. It can be moistened with soft-boiled eggs, sproute..
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  Breeding dry pasta with high protein (18.5%). Made with selected products to ensure nutritional intake and appetite bird cage. Prepared with fresh eggs for use in canaries, parakeets, parrots, exotic and all kinds of granivorous birds.Ingredients: mealy, eggs and egg products egg, ..
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Orlux dry egg pasta Canarios is extremely suitable for reproduction of all colors, type and singing canaries.This egg pasta has a thick structure. The extra added lysine and methionine guarantee an optimal growth and feather composition. Contains no dyes and gives additional color.17% Protei..
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White paste Orlux breeding has been specially developed for breeding canaries white and light colors: mosaics, satin ...The extra added assurance lysine and methionine optimal growth and feather composition.This feed contains higher amounts of vitamin A. breedingIt contains no egg and no..
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