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Raggio di Sole

Papilla Granimbecco boot stage (Raggio di Sole) Full porridge for breeding granivorous birds hand canaries, finches, cardenalitos, parrots, cockatoos, Amazons, inseparable, calopsitas, Loris and Passeriformes domestic and Indians. Contains probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, organic acids ..
Ex Tax:6.32€
Pasta yellow HB Superguiallo (Raggio di Sole) Pasta wet yellow for all birds, no colors, based bakery products, oils and fats, natural sugars, vegetable protein extract, seeds, milk and milk products, egg products and minerals. High balanced, energetic and nutritious. Ideal in the stages of breed..
Ex Tax:16.32€
Pasta Morbid HB Carioca (Raggio di Sole) Slurry for all kinds of birds, canaries, small psittacines, exotic and hybrid-based bakery products, vegetable protein extract, oils and fats, cereals, enriched with fruit, egg, egg and honey. It is very palatable and energy due to the content of fruit. ..
Ex Tax:7.18€
  Pasta White TH White Extra Dry (Raggio di Sole) Professional dry white paste DORE NO extra quality for all types of birds especially whites, mosaics and light colored canaries generally avoids the undesirable color in the feathers, based bakery products, albumin, no colors, cereals, vegetabl..
Ex Tax:17.75€
Insecta Pasta (Raggio di Sole) Special professional slurry for birds insectivores and omnivores, based bakery products, vegetable protein extract, oils and fats, vegetable by-products, insects, chrysalis meal, fish and fish products, natural sugars, molluscs, crustaceans, yeast, minerals and natu..
Ex Tax:7.27€
Morbid White Paste TH Lipo Soft (Raggio di Solé) Professional wet white paste NO DORE of extra quality for all types of birds, especially for white canaries, mosaics and light-coloured canaries in general, prevents the appearance of unwanted colouring in the feathers, without colouring agents, ..
Ex Tax:45.41€
Yellow Pasta Seca TH World (Raggio di Sole) Yellow Dry Pasta special professional for all types of birds especially European, indigenous and exotic wildlife, based bakery products, oils and fats, cereals, natural sugars, vegetable by-products, seeds, fish and fish derivatives, molluscs and shellf..
Ex Tax:19.47€
Cardullini Extra is a mixture of seeds with aromatic herbs developed for Goldfinches, Goldfinches, Pardillos, Verderones and Sours. This mixture is special for periods of high energy needs such as breeding and moulting, it can also be alternated or combined with the Cardellini Mix. Usage Mode:..
Ex Tax:51.50€
Cardellini Mix is a mixture of seeds with Aromatic herbs formulated for Goldfinches, Goldfinches, Pardillos, Verderones and Luganos. Adequate during all stages and periods; it can be mixed or alternated with the Cardellini Extra mixture during the periods of greatest energy need (Reproduction and..
Ex Tax:9.83€
Complementary food for all ornamental birds (granivores, insectivores, pigeons) very similar to breedmax.FERTI-MAX contains all the nutritional elements adapted to the daily needs of birds.BENEFITS-Good condition and optimum fertility levels of adult birds.-Increased energy intake and improvement of..
Ex Tax:16.70€
WHITE BLEND GEMME by Raggio di Sole is an extruded food in the form of a complete morbid pearl for granivorous birds (lipochromes, melanics, shape and posture, song, finches, exotics, small parakeets) without colouring.Particularly suitable for breeding, weaning, moulting of granivorous birds. Does ..
Ex Tax:34.36€
Dry Yellow Paste TH World 12 kgDry Yellow Pasta TH World (Raggio di Solé)Special professional dry yellow paste for all types of birds, especially European, indigenous and exotic fauna, based on bakery products, oils and fats, cereals, natural sugars, by-products of vegetable origin, seeds, fish and ..
Ex Tax:48.14€
White Seca TH Puro breeding stock is indicated for the breeding of lipochromatic canaries (white, mochaic, frosted, etc.) This extra quality paste for all types of birds, is completely free of dyes and pigment substances, could not cause an unwanted gold in the plumage. Formulated with providing ..
Ex Tax:19.57€
Yellow wet dough for all seed-eating birds (canaries, finches, exotic, etc.), with a 16% protein. Composition: Bakery products, vegetable by-products, oils and fats, sugars, seeds, vegetable protein extracts, milk and dairy products, eggs and egg products. Analytical constituents: Crude protei..
Ex Tax:16.32€
Compound food for canaries. Amarela Extra of the Fly Paté line by Raggio di Sole is a pastoncino for the breeding of melanin-colored canaries, in shape, position and song. The particular granulometry makes Amarela Extra also suitable for exotic birds and small parakeets (cocorita, lovebirds, etc...
Ex Tax:46.32€
Raggio di Sole's premium breeding feed for birds with the texture of breeding paste, ideal for all types of canaries, goldfinches, parakeets and other wild birds. Formulated for daily feeding of birds.Unicco Premium Breeding Bird Feed is ideal for improving the nutritional values of all types of bir..
Ex Tax:7.91€
Spinus Mix is a mixture of seeds with aromatic herbs formulated for Cardenalitos de Venezuela, Luganos and Jilgueros among others. Suitable during all stages and periods including breeding, moulting and weaning periods.  Usage Mode: Leave freely available at the trough. Keep in a dry and f..
Ex Tax:8.88€
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