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Carriers to ship by courier

Carriers to ship by courier
Carriers to ship by courier
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Carrier 5 stars for the transfer and delivery of copies by courier.

Economic , hygienic and easy to use.

Move your birds with all guarantees in a five star ...

safe o Comfortable o toilet o economic o effective

Made of corrugated cardboard , high-quality screen printed .

Designed to the smallest detail. Mensacab is an economical , stackable , comfortable and safe for your bird carrier , offering a comfortable innkeeper addition to separating food droppings , always prevents the deterioration of the tail and plumage .

The unique design incorporates support for place 2 sprues ( optional ) or two pieces of copy blocks to keep properly hydrated during transport.

To which the copies are sometimes more than 24 hours, it is advisable drinkers with sponges also find on our website .

If transportation is effected within 24 hours with the apple is enough.

Mensacab can carry 1 to 4 copies easily .

Mensacab is easily stored disassembled , is reusable and disposable after one or several uses .

Medidad approx.

Width 22cm .
Height 13cm .
20cm Fund.

Includes assembly instructions .

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