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AMINO -VIT - FORTEPAC    Supplementary feed for poultry     PROPERTIES   Specially designed to correct deficiencies in the diet, appetite stimulant, convalescence and recovery processes of any disease , anemia, empowering and nurturing in times of growth.   TARGET SPECIES ..
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Fortepac -cox : is a natural product produced by oregano extract (micro encapsulation ) , eucalyptus (micro encapsulation ) , propilenglicor , sucrose . properties: Fortepac -cox : A natural food for the prevention of diarrheal coccidia that can be used as a preventive or curative in cases of ..
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Fertil Fortepac is a product which its main mission is to increase fertility during egg laying.   This product comes before matching collars until the first egg laying.   Instructions: administer 2 ml per liter of water troughs or 2 drops per 40 ml.   Composition: (per liter)   ..
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FORTEPAC HEPA-FORTE PROTECTOR HEPATICO DESCRIPTION: Complementary feed designed for the hepatic metabolism of birds you Nutritional imbalance, fatty livers, preventing hepatitis. INSTRUCTIONS: Provide 2 ml per liter of drinking water or 4 drops of 40 ml per drinker During ..
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Fortepac-P is the specific treatment for improved intestinal comfort and ensure that the digestive system of animals is in perfect conditions.   Natural product for the treatment of infectious processes caused in the digestive system and villi such as salmonellosis, coccidiosis, and cole ..
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It is a vitamin K group B + recommended treatments for diseases and antibiotics.   Create increased resistance and improves appetite of birds, regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates , proteins, fats.   Vitamin K is necessary for protein synthesis , and coagulation processes   Bl..
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Fortepac AD3 + E is a product indicated for both the zeal of the male and the female.   His administration will be carried out before the match of birds.   This product has a very high capacity to assimilate because of the quality of vitamins and its composition.   You are given 20..
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Essential oils of oregano, eucalyptus, pine, rosemary, Melaleuca quinquenervia, lemon, poppy, grindelia, Hyssopus officinalis L and vitamin C. OREGANO: powerful antimicrobial: antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. Reduces pain, anti-inflammatory, general tonic, appetite stimulant, stim..
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Fertil Fortepac is a product which its main mission is to increase fertility during egg laying. Without doré   This product comes before matching collars until the first egg laying.   Instructions: administer 2 ml per liter of water troughs or 2 drops per 40 ml.   Composition: (per..
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What is fortepac plus mega-acts and how? It is a product composed of a mixture of organic acids (lactic, formic and propionic) which demonstrated their bactericidal activity against (megabacteria) this action is enhanced by the presence of fatty acids that will keep the pH acidic throughout the ..
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Nutritional Supplement, mineral and amino acids intended for ornamental birds, suitable for deficiency states, physical wear, Loss of appetite, stress state and especially for moulting, providing a necessary move for optimum energy shock. composition: Magnesium Sulfate, 12.5% ​​Sorbitol,..
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Directions: Fortepac-Proviotico contains live bacteria (Enterococcus feecium dsm 7134) that enhances the development of a healthy intestinal microflora and Inhibit colonization of potentially pathogenic bacteria. In this way the capacity of the intestinal micloflora increases. the Vitami..
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It is a product of supplementation in the drinking water with electrolytes and vitamins specially made for radical time pecking birds molt, stress problems, transportation, etc. Stop-pecking contains chloride mg, ca gluconate, chloride na. Additives per liter: Vitamin E, 1,000 mg, 2,500 mg ..
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Food full neceario for intestinal health of poultry. Specific nutritional Design with glycerol and hydrolysed proteins high digestibility vegatales formulated by a nutrition specialist poultry vet team . All ingredients have been tested by independent laboratories and are rated energetically ,..
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It is a product of high digestibility to mix in the paste, indicated for the phase of breeding and starting of birds. Nutrients: Protein, 25.85%. Crude fat, 8.6%. Crude fiber, 2.6%. Calcium, 600 mg, METHOD OF USE AND DOSAGE: Incorporate 50 gr / kg of pasta into the feed for couples that..
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Fortepac Premix - Strength for your RoostersThe fortepac premix Roosters is a premix of supplementary feed with vitamins and minerals aimed at the fighting rooster.Incorporate into the food at a rate of 5 cases per kg of feed during the entire preparation period.Main analysis:Ground corn 325 grGroun..
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Liquid created based on vitamins and amino acids especially to maintain an optimal state of stress, transition supply, transport, moulting, breeding and maintenance and restoration of electrolyte balance. In addition, the product helps protect the heart and muscle tissues of those. Dosage: 2 ml p..
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Fungiforte Fortepac | Fungicide For FoodPremix designed to improve poultry feeding, optimizing fermentation by reducing the pH, reducing the loss of nutritional characteristics, molds and yeasts.Composition:Propionic acid, Sorbic acid, Calcium calbonate, c.s.p.Dosage:Oral mixed with the feed or past..
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Garpel Fortepac - Vitamins and amino acids for RoostersLiquid complementary feed created based on vitamins and amino acids especially for the physical performance of birds.Additionally, the product helps protect the heart and muscle tissues from those, aimed at a rapid reaction to stress, due to phy..
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FORTEPAC COMPLET VITAMIN PREMIX INDICATIONS: It is a product to mix in the pasta, suitable for the breeding phase and start of birds. COMPOSITION Calcium carbonate , monocalcium phosphate , sodium chloride (sea salt ), magnesium oxide , Vitamin A ( E672 ) , 67,500 IU , vitamin D3 ( E..
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Specific product for oestrus induction in the male bird.   Vitamin E is composed of inducing heat and selenium that acts as a conductor for better assimilation of vitamin E,   Activity per liter:   Vitamin E -------------- 200 000 mg -------------- 200 mg selenium   Dosage..
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