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Complete playground for parakeets, lovebirds and small parrots. This toy is perfect for entertaining and encouraging exercise and fun of our birds. Prevents boredom and stimulate your bird's intelligence. Your parakeet or lovebird it will cool up and down the stairs, swinging on the swing or ringing..
Ex Tax:18.97€
This foot is perfect as a fun park day for small parrots and medium size. This walk your parrot be in a suitable location outside its cage at the same time it will keep you entertained, promoting exercise and fun. Prevents boredom and stimulate your bird's intelligence. Your parrot will pass it grea..
Ex Tax:20.62€
Natural Living 1..
Ex Tax:12.40€
Natural Living 2..
Ex Tax:12.19€
 Dimensions: 28 x 25 x 22 cm. - Suitable for parakeets and canaries. - Very useful for the exercise of the pet in the cage. - Suitable for enrichment of the environment, making the welfare of the pet. This play area is in the range 'Natural Living' Trixie for birds and rodents. This collection..
Ex Tax:9.08€
Pie para loros de sobremesa. Fácil de transportar. Dimensiones: 57 x 30 x 40 cm..
Ex Tax:33.02€
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