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It is advisable to mix canthaxanthin or carofil, which provide an intense color, with beta carotene, which gives shine.   In nature, beta-carotene is found in many fruits and vegetables, among which the carrot or tomato stands out. As a chemical, beta-carotene has a dark orange color. It is w..
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It is the most powerful dye and provides the birds with an intense red color, variable according to the doses used. Canthaxanthin Canthaxanthin is found naturally in a colorful mushroom called "chantarellus cibarius". The chemical synthesis pigment has a very intense red color, pulling violet...
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Each kilogram of CAROPHYLL RED contains: 100 g of canthaxanthin (10%), in a matrix of gelatin and carbohydrates, coated with starch.   Ethoxyquin and ascorbyl palmitate are added as antioxidants.   The product is spray dried to allow the formation of spherical granules, fine, easily di..
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CAROPHIL-BETACAROTENE-CANTAXANTINE This mixture of dyes ensures optimal pigmentation for our red-billed birds Cantaxantina: it is very red and very powerful pigmenting, and of rapid assimilation it is hydrosoluble, bone can be diluted in water but it is usually used mixed with the breeding pas..
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Enhancer competition yellow birds containers: Small - 40 grams Grande - 100 grams..
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For a natural color and red for brightening and Colourred canaries, finches, cardinals, etc. Quiko Beta Carotene contains a large amount of various vitamins and beta carotene. Quiko Beta Carotene can be administered with or breeding paste mixed with water. For a natural red color and for brighte..
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It is the most powerful dye and provides the birds a deep red color, which varies the doses used. Canthaxanthin. Canthaxanthin is found naturally in a colorful mushroom called "Chantarelles cibarius". The pigment chemical synthesis has a very deep red, violet fucking. Is water soluble, but it is ..
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Canthaxanthin DSM in stabilized powder with the same properties as red carophyl, but with greater pigmenting power.It contributes to the maintenance or the intensification of the red colors of the birds. Administer during the breeding and moulting periods of the birds.Each gram contains at least 100..
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  Each kilogram of RED Carophyll contains: 100 g of canthaxanthin (10%), in a matrix of gelatin and carbohydrate, starch coated.  Ethoxyquin and ascorbyl palmitate are added as antioxidants. The product is spray dried to enable the formation of spherical, fine and easily dispersible..
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Tagetes extract and liquid glycerol, optimal coloring. Ensures inteso bright red strawberry tree goldfinch. Ornamental birds that require reinforcement in coloration, as goldfinches, suckers, etc .. Dosage: 10 to 30 ml per liter of drinking water, according to the results being sought. Usi..
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      NEKTON-GELB enhances the yellow coloring of yellow canaries, orioles, dwarf chickens, mutations of finches (especially yellow lutinos) as well as birds whose feathers containing carotenes. NEKTON-GELB is soluble in water so it can be supplied either in the drin..
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Intensifies red on red factor birds. Intense Red contains canthaxanthin and various vitamins. You can add or can be mixed with pasta breeding. Administration: 10 g in 500 ml of water and 500 g of paste breeding. 50 grams  ..
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 Red maximun using various components ensures excellent in their red factor birds. Food-based amino acids, essential oils, herbs, clays, germ of cereals, vitamins, etc., which contains lots of carofill, betacoreno and canthaxanthin supplement. Dose 20 grams per kilo pasta..
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4softball is a complementary food for ornamental birds based on yellow Tagetes Oleoresin in water-soluble form.Composition: Tagetes erecta oleoresin.How to use: add a tablespoon of 4 softball to half a liter of water, necessary for the preparation of softball or green softball (or other products tha..
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Bella de Noche (Special mask of the goldfinches)Seed that highlights the colors of the plumage of birds, especially indicated to get the red masks in goldfinches.Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids from the Omega 6 acid series, which facilitate the proper functioning of the body's cells.125 grs..
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Water soluble pigmenting agent for a natural coloration of the mask of our goldfinches.COMPOSITION : Red Xanthophyll concentrate (Capsanthin), YELLOW Xanthophyll concentrate (Lutein and Zeaxanthin).250 ml..
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Water soluble yellow pigmenter containing natural xanthophylls for a homogeneous and bright colour.COMPOSITION : 20 g of xanthophylls per kg of which lutein min. 85%, calcium carbonate.100 g..
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Natural pigmentationTarget species: Goldfinches, Venezuelan cardinals, pardillos, etc.INGREDIENTS: Cereals, seeds, bakery products, extract of vegetable proteins, fats, oils, lysine and meteonine, vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene.VITAMINS: A, D3, K, B1, B2, B6, B12, E, Biotin, Copper, Nicotic Ac..
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Intense White Chemi Vit contains substances that inhibit the production of melanins and intensify the white color of feathers. Composition: Sugars, byproducts of vegetable origin. Instructions for use: 10 grams per kg of breeding paste or liter of water. White canaries from mating to the en..
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Food supplement for cage birds.To accentuate the red colour and to intensify the colour of canaries, finches, etc.Quiko Canthaxanthin contains a large amount of canthaxanthin and a large amount of vitamins.Can be administered mixed in water or with the breeding paste.50 g..
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It contains natural extracts of plant origin that do not accumulate in the liver.It intensifies the existing red color of the feathers in species such as the goldfinch, the Pardillo sicerín, Pardillo common, Cardenalitos de Venezuela, Canarias mosaics in red, Carpodacus Mexican Mexicans, as we..
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Flower Color Goldfinch is a mix of cold powdered flowers with pigments specifically for Goldfinch. It is made up of a mixture of petals, pollens and stamens and flower parts that are naturally rich in Xanthophylls.These pigments reproduce the natural pigmentation process with low concentrations of d..
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Lutein-based natural yellow dye. This food supplement intensifies the yellow color of the plumage of birds, and increases resistance. The formed feather retains its color until the formation of a new feather. Product not soluble in water, therefore it must be administered with food.Composition: Anti..
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OFFICINALIS HERBE TINTORIE Mixture of dyeing herbs rich in carotenoids and pigmenting resins.It can be used for moulting of red factor subjects, or as an antioxidant of suitably red lipophilic granules.Usage and dosage:10 g per kg of pastaPresentation: 75 grams..
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Orangebird is a special pigment agent analyzed by expert breeders, indicated for birds with orange factor such as Norwich and Yorkshire canaries.With Orangebird you get an intense, homogeneous and bright orange color.How to use: Administer 10gr of Orangebird per Kilogram of paste or food for a perfe..
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Ornizin Tagete and Cartamo Extract Ornizin Extract of Tagete and Cartamo is an ideal natural complement to reinforce the pigmentation or coloring of our ornamental birds such as goldfinches or pardillos. 100ML FORMAT..
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Bright Yellow PinetaIt is a nutritional supplement enriched with vegetable protein extracts, Omega-3 fatty acids and colorants to supplement the diet of yellow factors. It contains carotenoids that promote and determine the correct yellow plumage pigmentation through oxidation processes. It can be f..
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Pineta Mask Factor is a pigmenting agent based on natural substances such as lutein and safflower flowers, essential to obtain an intense and natural colouring of the plumage.Its particular composition favours the correct pigmentation and brightness of restricted areas such as, for example, the mask..
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Pineta Mask Factor is a pigmenting agent based on natural substances such as lutein and safflower flowers, essential to obtain an intense and natural colouring of the plumage.Its particular composition favours the correct pigmentation and brightness of restricted areas such as, for example, the mask..
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Yellow factor pigment for canariesIncreases yellow lipochromeAdditional information: RECOMMENDED for optimal coloration of pigmented birds in the nest, administer YELLOW FACTOR every day before egg laying in intense and snowy canaries and continue until moulting is complete. For mosaic canaries, alw..
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Quiko intense yellow 100 grsFood supplement for cage birds which intensifies the yellow colour of yellow-factor birds.Prevents discolouration of yellow plumage.Can be added to the drinking water or to the breeding paste.Administration: 5 g in 500 ml of water or in 500 g of breeding paste...
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Liquid version of the well-known natural yellow colorant from the UNICA RAINBOW line, which for years has been one of the essential products in the breeding of yellow lipochromatic species, in particular SPINUS, SERINUS AND CANARY ISLANDS.The new liquid formulation offers the possibility of an even ..
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Rainbow Yellow Unica is a complementary food for birds specifically formulated to maximize the yellow of species such as yellow lipochrome canaries, black-headed canaries, yarreli, psaltria and xanthogastra.Target species: Ornamental birdsPresentation of Rainbow Yellow Unica: 40 grs..
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This mixture of dyes ensures optimal pigmentation for our red factor birds (Champion Formula)It contains a concentrated mixture of Canthaxanthin, Carophyll and Beta Carotene in a degree that guarantees perfect pigmentation in red factor canaries.It is recommended to use during the moult to achieve a..
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ForteBird Redbird is a dye indicated for birds with a red factor, such as canaries, cardinals, goldfinches, etc.Redbird is a special pigmenting mix that has been tested for years by expert red factor breeders. It contains carotenoids and additives of the highest quality, which will make your ca..
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Intensifies the red colour in red-factor birds.  Intense Red contains canthaxanthin and various vitamins. Can be added to or mixed with the breeding paste. Administration: 10 g in 500 ml of water or 500 g of breeding paste. Packaging: 100 g..
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UNICA Flower Color GoldfinchFlower Color Goldfinch. A mixture of cold powdered flowers with pigments specifically for Goldfinches.It consists of a mixture of petals, pollens and stamens and parts of flowers that are naturally rich in Xanthophylls.100grs container..
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Natural red pigmentation.Ideal product for the color of the nest, fundamental in the breeding of canaries. Subtract exceptional colorsUse: 6-10 gr / kg per kilo of pasta or food.For the coloration of nest color canaries:10gr./kg at least 13 days before breeding.Presentation: 40 grams..
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Yellow colouring based on lutein. Versele-Laga Yel-lux is a supplementary bird feed to be mixed into the soft food. Natural yellow colouring based on carotenoid (lutein), for an intense yellow colour of the plumage. Yel-Lux helps to intensify the yellow colour of the plumage of your birds,..
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Yellowbird is a complementary food indicated to be fed to yellow factor birds. Instructions: Administer 10 gr of yellowbird per kg of paste or feed for perfect pigmentation. Its use is essential during the molting season, so that the new feathers acquire the desired yellow colour...
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Red dye based on canthaxanthin.- Provides color to your red canaries- Intensifies the red color in the other birds- Guarantees a homogeneous colorSince the feathers are composed of dead cells, they only develop their color at the time of their formation. The plumage is renewed an average of once a y..
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Based red dye canthaxanthin. It provides color to your rojosIntensifica canaries red on the other pájarosGarantiza a homogeneous color Given that the feathers are composed of dead cells, but operate their color at the time of its formation. The plumage half is renewed once a year. This process doe..
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Nekton R contains vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, calcium and soluble carotenoids in powder form. Nekton R contributes very effectively to maintain and increase red plumage on those species that react in the presence of carotenoids way. Regular doses of Nekton R also allow the intensification..
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Dietary supplement for cage birds that intensifies the color yellow yellow birds factor. Prevents fading of the yellow feathers. It can be administered in the drinking water or pasta breeding. Administration: 5 g. in 500 ml. or in water 500 gr. pasta breeding...
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