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Pienso LOR Unifeed Canarios Preparación para la Cría

Pienso LOR Unifeed Canarios Preparación para la Cría

Pienso LOR Unifeed Canarios Preparación para la Cría
Pienso LOR Unifeed Canarios Preparación para la Cría

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L.O.R. Breed canaries

I think UNIFEED L.O.R is a feed in the form of brood paste for the feeding of canaries and other balanced cage birds that comes in the form of a single dish.

The UNIFEED OR "SINGLE PLATE" is a food system used for decades in the feeding of animals for rent and domestic mammals, and today it is possible to produce it for ornithology thanks to the multiannual studies conducted by the LOR (Ornithological Laboratory of Reggio Emilia) to identify the food needs of the different species of ornamental birds. UNIFEED is presented as an alternative or as a complement to traditional seed-based food and as an alternative to extruded food, with the quality of raw materials as strengths (all cereals used come from provisions for human consumption) and , above all, the exact identification of the quantities of the nutritional elements necessary for each species.



The mixture is the result of an impressive experimentation aimed at identifying the needs of the species concerned and ensuring their well-being:

Proteins (essential amino acid needs such as methionine, lysine, tryptophan, etc.).

Fats (correct contribution of polyunsaturated fatty acids).

Non-whipped extractives (starch and sugars).

Raw fiber (cellulose and non-digestible sugars).

Mineral salts (micro elements such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and micro elements such as copper, zinc, iodine, cobalt, selenium, manganese, etc.).

Fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) and water-soluble (B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, biotin, C).

Natural pigments

It is necessary to remember that any element develops in the animal feed the function of nutrient only within a certain dose (variable from species to species), below which the function will gradually become null and above which the phenomena of toxicosis (for example fat-soluble vitamins, microelements, methionine, etc.). Therefore, it is not only important that a food contains all vitamins or all amino acids but also the amount contained in it, a value that has to meet the requirements of a particular species.


The cereals used in the mixture are strictly intended for human consumption so that greater control over them can prevent the presence of mycotoxins.

Vegetable and animal proteins of the highest quality.

Much of the cereals have been heat treated to increase their digestibility and consequently the digestive efficiency of the animals.

Vitamins and fats are added cold contrary to extrudates to prevent them from being damaged by the heat generated during the extrusion phase.


This strong point makes it possible to reduce up to 80% of the workforce in breeding (in the cages there is only one feeder and only one drinking fountain).


1 KG of a good seed mix presents a waste of the husks that is different between seed and seed; it can be quantified in 35-40% for the birdseed until reaching 80-90% for some field herbs such as wild fennel, with an average of at least 50-60% of waste in relation to the original product. In addition, the birds discard and throw another 15-20% of seeds, but with Unifeed the amount is insignificant.

Higher nutritional efficiency: unifeed offers more digestible foods because they are cooked, contain simple sugars of rapid availability in addition to soluble proteins of optimum quality and comes in powder form as if it were already "pre-digested"; on the contrary, a mixture of seeds has to be digested completely by the animal that spends energy to grind the rude food in the gizzard and fails to attack with the digestive juices the entire ration with the consequent production of numerous wastes in the intestines ( breeders pay many nutritional elements but these are eliminated with bird droppings). The efficiency of unifeed can be quantified, according to our studies, by at least 30-40% more in relation to a good seed mix. Savings related to the lack of use of bird paste, mineral salts, vitamins, grit, probiotics, acidifiers, etc. which can be quantified by 20-30% with respect to a traditional diet composed of mixtures of seeds and food supplements. Such considerations show that the unifeed is only nominally priced higher than that of a traditional brood; but in reality it nourishes our animals and keeps them healthy and productive at a lower price, with the undoubted advantage of spending less time in the management of the feeders and more time in enjoying the aviari

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