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Calcicolina P (Suplemento de calcio y fósforo)

Calcicolina P Latac

Calcicolina P (Suplemento de calcio y fósforo)
Calcicolina P (Suplemento de calcio y fósforo)
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Tags: Calcicolina , Latac

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Tags: Calcicolina , Latac

 Dietary supplement with calcium and phosphorus

The Calcicolina-P is a prerequisite to correct common nutritional deficiencies that occur in canaries and other caged birds food supplement. At higher doses it acts as an effective medicine for treating liver and digestive diseases.

Often seen in ornamental birds nutritional imbalance due to excess fat seeds. This diet causes severe digestive disorders, hepatitis and enteritis, reducing the natural defenses of the bird that's why all kinds of diseases contracted. Choline chloride is a key factor in fat metabolism, prevents fatty degeneration of the liver and prevents aparción hepatitis.

This product is available in bottles of 50 ml
Directions for use and dosage:
Add 50 ml. drinking water (drinking fountain), 1 ml of CALCICOLINA P (or 20 drops dropper bottle). To prepare one liter of water, mixed with 2 plugs (equivalent to 20 ml). Under normal birds is sufficient to treat 2 days per week, and in treating reproductive periods birds rest for 4 days and 3 days.

In liver and digestive diseases (red belly, swollen liver) P CALCICOLINA give daily at least 8 days, until complete healing. Remove all food oilseeds (canola, poppy, hemp, etc)

Target species: canaries, pigeons and ornamental birds in general.

Composition: Calcium glycerophosphate 50% 4.5 g; 1.2 g calcium hypophosphite; Choline Chloride 70% 25g; 2 mg of cobalt nitrate; Zinc nitrate 12 mg; 6 mg copper nitrate; 140 mg manganese chloride; Excipient c.s.p. 100 ml.

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