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Prestige Premium Periquitos

Prestige Premium Periquitos
Prestige Premium Periquitos
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The parakeet is a small animal extraordinarily popular company in the home, but
it is also a very nice bird aviary. A distinction is made ​​between the parakeets
normal small and larger exhibition budgerigars. The main food of this group of birds is a balanced mix of seeds adapted to their needs.

This premium seed mixture was prepared in a varied and balanced in order to adapt specifically to the food needs of small parakeets. It has also been enriched with Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids contained in small granules VAM pellets fruits and intestinal Florastimul® to ensure optimum performance and physical condition; Chia seed to provide a higher amount of omega 3 and pieces of oyster shells to provide a good stomach operation and optimum balance of calcium / phosphorus ratio.

Versele-Laga supports the Loro Parque Foundation, which works for the conservation of endangered bird species and their habitat. By buying this product you are supporting the Loro Parque Fundación to help nature.
Click here for more information on Loro Parque Fundación.

How to use

The daily ration of seeds can vary greatly depending on the type and age of the bird. Provide a greater amount initially sufficient and go slowly adapting to determine the optimal daily serving. Change food and water daily.

analytical constituents

Crude protein 15%

Crude fat 6%

Crude ash 6.5%

6% crude fiber

0.9% calcium

Phosphorus 0.4%

DL-methionine 950 mg / kg

L-lysine 250 mg / kg

Vitamin A 8,000 IU / kg

Vitamin D3 1600 IU / kg

Vitamin E 20 mg / kg

Enxofre cupric copper (II) 7 mg / kg


Seeds (min. 2% chia)

1 Kg

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