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Barritas para loros de frutas exoticas

Barritas para loros de frutas exoticas Bird bars

Barritas para loros de frutas exoticas
Barritas para loros de frutas exoticas
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The bars Versele Laga Prestige seeds baked Sticks are a delicious addition to feeding your parrot will make you happy, will entertain you and make you be happier. They contain a variety of seeds, grains and nuts such as peanuts and almonds, seasoned with honey, love these tropical birds. Offer him your parrot variety of foods so you can explore new flavors, will be stimulated intellectually thus preventing boredom and unwanted behaviors like feather picking.

These treats for birds are made with fresh, quality ingredients are incorporated into the freshly harvested recipe, which retain their freshness, aroma and taste, to make them even more attractive to your pet. They also have the "Magifix" clip with which you can easily hang from his cage to play and be fed safely.

Versele Laga Prestige Sticks are packaged in modified atmosphere without oxygen in the packaging "Freshpack" which isolates the air, light and moisture so they are full of freshness and properties when you open them to give to your dear friend.


Special snacks tasty and attractive parrots.
Made with natural ingredients freshly harvested.
Ideal for you to complete and do more varied diet for your pet.
Easy to place in their cage thanks to the clip "Magifix".
With packaging "Freshpack" that keeps them cool.


Treats for birds to use as prizes or as a nutritional supplement to the daily diet of your pet. Do not replace your normal meal.
Provide one or two bars a week.

Nutritional description:

Ingredients: seeds, grains, nuts (peanuts, almonds) (2.2%), honey, sugar, baked goods, oils, greases.
Additives: preservatives, colorings.

Size / format:

Boxes 140 g (2 x 70 g).

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