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Premifood Loro Extrafruta 3 kg

Premifood Loro Extrafruta 3 kg Food for parrots

Premifood Loro Extrafruta 3 kg
Premifood Loro Extrafruta 3 kg
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  • Brands Jarad
  • Model 4406
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This Mixture is recommended for different breeds of parrots, macaws and cockatoos. Its composition based on seeds and dehydrated fruits provides an adequate amount of proteins, vitamins and trace elements.

It belongs to Jarad's premifood range, which is always a guarantee of quality and cleanliness of the seeds.

Why do we love it?

- It comes fortified with vitamin A, D and E. This is important because they are necessary vitamins for the good health of the animal and they are difficult to find in the seeds with which birds are usually fed.

- It has crushed shells that provide the calcium that the animal needs.

- In short, it has all the components that the bird needs to be healthy, a good mix of seeds, fruit, grit (crushed shells) and vitamins.

Things you should know about the brand

Jarad is a Spanish family business that has a long history of doing things well. They work with professionalism and good quality seeds. In our experience, their products always go through strict quality controls.


Various seeds, corn, dehydrated fruits (minimum 10% banana, ginger, papaya, raisins, blueberries, pineapple, melon, figs, kiwi, coconut and mango) extruded vitaminized soy, corn, egg powder, alfalfa, yeast beer, Vitamin A 20000 IE, vitamin C 10mg, vitamin D3 2000 IE, vitamin E 50mg, protein at least 23%, cereals and legumes at least 21%, corn, wheat, barley, peas, beans, safflower, buckwheat, rice with husk, peeled oats, wheat, dari, peanut, carob bean, crushed shell and red pepper.


Protein 13.6%, Fiber 9.6%, Fat 12.2%, Calcium 0.1%, Sodium 0.05%, Phosphorus 0.27%, Moisture 7.6%.

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