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Pienso Unikofeed Muda Happybird (sin doré)

Pienso Unikofeed Muda Happybird (sin doré) Canary food
Pienso Unikofeed Muda Happybird (sin doré)

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UNIKOFEED MUTA is a complete feed in meal, dedicated to the moulting period of all granivorous birds and all fringed birds.

COMPOSITION : cereal flours, egg white, vegetable proteins, camelina oil, fish oil high in EPA and DHA (OMEGA3 and OMEGA6), vegetable oils derived from Pinophyta sp. rich in resin acids, marine calcium, brewer's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, citrus extracts, trace elements, vitamins, probiotics and prebiotics, silymarin.

ANALYTICAL CONTENT : 17% crude protein, 13.5% lipids, 2.5% crude fibre, 6% crude ash.

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