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Red Pigeon

Red Pigeon
BETACHOL the compound is methionine, choline, betaine, vitamin B12, vitamin C and plant complex promoting cleaning of the pigeon. o Methionine, choline, betaine: purification, drainage. o Vitamin B12: excellent for the plumage. The BETACHOL is perfect for effective cleaning of oraganisme. V..
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The BRONX consists of several plants whose echinacea, eucalyptus and mint. o Echinacea: excellent effect on the respiratory tract. o Pimpinella anisum: greatly improves digestion. o Eucalyptus: acts on the airways. o Mentha piperitta HE: highly effective against phlegm. The Bronx is u..
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DIGEST is a mixture of four organic acids: o Formic acid o Propionic acid o Acetic acid o Lactic acid It prevents many contamination contributing to the purity of drinking water.   It contains lactic acid, which unlike other acid works in the digestive system, a much higher PH! Mos..
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The COX is composed of a wide variety of plants including thyme, oregano and garlic.   o Thyme: strong immune power, excellent for the respiratory tract. o Oregano: strengthens immunity and resistance, improves digestion. o Garlic: purifying action.   The COX is very effective agai..
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GALAXY is a powder composed of essential oils on a silica basis and green clay. o thyme HE: works even inside the airways. o Oregano HE: strengthens immunity and resistance. o Cinnamon HE: effect on digestion. o Green clay: cleanses the body thoroughly. o + other essential oils (uniqu..
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The Red Pigeon Betachol 1 L, detoxifies the body helping to eliminate toxins from the body.With a high concentration of pure vitamin B12 (50 mg per litre)INDICATIONS:- Detoxifies and purifies the body- Contributes to a better elimination of toxins, especially after intense physical exertion and stre..
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COLOR RED is composed of red carofil, beta-carotene, niacin, vitamin B2, B9 and in particular choline, to help bodies especially charged by the absorption of concentrated dyes. Dosage: 10 grams per kg of egg food or per liter of water. Nutritional supplement for ornamental birds. Package of..
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Indications:- Cleanses the body and removes bacteria from the body- Excellent during the breeding season- Strengthens newly weaned young, preventing them from getting sick- No side effects- Dramatically reduces mortality in the nestComposition:- 100% natural product based on herbs, essential oils an..
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The Red Pigeon Perform Pro, a natural herbal preparation, clay, yeast and probiotics, specially designed to strengthen the defenses and improve digestion. For birds. INDICATIONS: - Strengthens the body's natural defenses, reducing the risk of diseases - Very efficient in digestive problems - V..
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The new Tricoli-Stop is a 100% natural product (does not contain antibiotics), highly effective, scientifically developed for the treatment and prevention of trichomoniasis and e-coli.INDICATIONS:- Eliminates 98% of trichomonads in less than 3 hours after application.- Fight E-coli eliminating it in..
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The Red Pigeon Poustop, a 100% natural product and unique in the market, based on aromatic substances, which eliminates and protects against external parasites. INDICATIONS: - 100% natural product - Protects and eliminates external parasites - Can be mixed in the food or just placed under the ..
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PURIFIX contains a wide variety of herbs such as Vaccinium, Trigonella, Turmeric and Astragalus.• Vaccinium: has a purifying effect and is very good for the joints• Trigonella: improves digestion• Turmeric: it is an antioxidant and helps digestion• Astragalus: improves the general resistance of bird..
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METABOLYT is a nutritional complex of yeast culture and yeast cell walls. It has an immediate positive effect on the animal's digestion and health. In case of loose stools, use METABOLYT for several days. METABOLYT helps to achieve a rapid improvement.Dosage: 15 ml per kg of feed 1 or 2 ti..
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The new Tricoli-Stop is a 100% natural product (it does not contain antibiotics), highly effective, scientifically developed for the treatment and prevention of trichomoniasis and e-coli. INDICATIONS: - Removes 98% of trichomonas in less than 3 hours after application. - Combat E-coli by elimin..
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VEGA is the most complete and balanced vitamin complex on the market. Contains no less than 10 vitamins, 15 amino acids, 5 electrolytes, 3 trace elements and 4 organic acids; A total of 37 different ingredients! These are very concentrated ingredients and the regular use of VEGA prevents any kind..
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VEGA POWDER is a hyper-concentrated complex that contains vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and mineral salts.Use 2-3 times a week during the breeding, moulting and competition periods, 15g per kilo of grain (mix with PREMIUM OIL) or 30g per kilo of breeding paste (mix with METABOLIT).VEGA POWDE..
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The Red Pigeon Vit E + Selenium 100ml (Vitamin E enriched with selenium)INDICATIONS:- Covers the vitamin E needs of racing pigeons.- Especially effective in breeders with fertility problems.- Stimulates egg laying.- Excellent corrector for cases of vitamin deficiency in the body.- Very beneficial du..
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