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Cardellini Food - Pineta

Cardellini Food - Pineta
Cardellini Food - Pineta
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Suitable for finches, finches and buntings suckers. It also contains crustaceans, proteins, individual and special seeds, grass and dandelions.
Our pasta contains naturally occurring substances and / or vegetable that help improve the state of the intestinal health.
The proper functioning of the intestines is of fundamental importance for the proper development of individuals.
Specific foods high palatability, suitable for finches, finches, cardenalitos, suckers and others. make a balanced diet for perfect growth and a silky and shiny plumage. Y 'containing a particular and special pastoncino seeds, herbs, berries, fruits, herbs and grasslands dandelion. Protein, consisting of a concentrated amino acid is of high quality, animal easily absorbed, digestible, high impact plastic. It contains substances that help maintain the integrity of the intestinal bacterial flora.
Igredientes: Products grain cereals, other seeds or fruit products from other plants, oilseed products, oleaginous fruits, milk products, seeds, oils and fats, sugar beet products
processing industry, fish products and other marine animals, minerals.
Recommended Use: Ideal for preparing females for breeding, maintenance and moulting. Formula balanced recommended throughout the year for maximum balance and wellbeing.
Usage: as is or slightly damp, also you can add boiled eggs, sprouts or cooked and grated apple can be added freely.
Additional Information: Cardellilni Food is indicated for finches, finches, suckers, buntings and other finches.
Nutritional information per kg:
Proteins 15.4%
Fats 11.2%
Vitamin A / Vitamin A 11,500 IU
Vitamin D3 / 240 Vitamin D3 I.U.
Vitamin E / Vitamin E 50 mg
Vitamin K / 110 mg Vitamin K
Hill / Choline 750 mg
Vitamin B2 / 125 mg Vitamin B2
Vitamin PP / PP 30 mg Vitamin
Calcium D-Pant. / Calcium D-Pantothenate 150 mg
Vitamin B6 / Vitamin B6 10 mg
Vitamin H / H 0.10 mg Vitamin
Vitamin B1 / 10.46 mg Vitamin B1
Folic Acid / Folic Acid 1.1 mg
B12 / B12 0.24 mg Vitamin
Vitamin C / 680 mg Vitamin C
Aspartic Acid / Aspartic Acid 3400 mg
Acid Glutammico / Glutamic Acid 3,660 mg
Leucine / Leucine 7500 mg
Lysine / Lysine 5,930 mg
Threonine / Threonine 3,951 mg
Isoleucine / Isoleucine 5,335 mg
Valine / Valine June 00 m g
Phenylalanine / Phenylanine 4,740 mg
Tyrosine / Tyrosine 3.210 mg
Arginine / Arginine 7,410 mg
Cystine / mg Cystine 1,480
Glycine / Glycine 5 335 m g
Tryptophan / Tryptophan 1 280 m g
Istidina / Histidine 470 m 2 g
Serine / Serine 2,970 mg
Proline / Proline 8 819 m g
Methionine / Methionine 3,300 mg
Ferro / Iron 8.26 mg
Rame / Copper 5.29 mg
Zinco / Zinc 5m g
Manganese / 3 mg Manganese
Cobalt / Cobalt 2.16 mg
Iodio / Iodine 0.5 mg
Calcium / Calcium 20 mg

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