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Roni Bird | Membranas Mucosas Sanas

Roni Bird | Membranas Mucosas Sanas
Roni Bird | Membranas Mucosas Sanas
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Roni was developed to maintain good peak mucous membranes , throat and digestive system . Among other things, by the application of a mucous film special carbon hydrates .
This combination stimulates the immune system and ensures a good and quick digestion. The composition nourishes the intestinal flora , while the harmful germs harmed ( will not feed )

Is a hyperactive bowel reinforces conditioner and Bird Megabactin effect .

Use: In case of problems , whenever there was a change in eating pattern or take place normalize digestive function will cure 5 days.

 - For optimal breeding: the administration should be daily for 14 days before and 14 days Coupling in the diet of young birds before weaning dels for maximum immune system development.

Dose : 1 coffee spoon full ( 5 g ) per 1 liter of drinking water or per 500 g of food.


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