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Orlux lori 3 kg

Orlux lori 3 kg  Food for loris

Orlux lori 3 kg
Orlux lori 3 kg
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  • Brands Orlux
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Tags: Orlux , Lori , Food , for , loris
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Tags: Orlux , Lori , Food , for , loris
Versele Laga Lori Complete feed for lories and parrots. It is a complete balanced food, a powder that can be converted into a porridge with flower nectar and pollen.
This complete maintenance food has been specially formulated for lories and loriculus, which eat pollen and nectar in the wild.
With this Nutribird Lori it is easy to imitate the natural diet of these birds and provide your animal with everything it needs.
Nutribird Lori is a powder that can be made into a porridge with water. In addition to all the necessary vitamins and minerals, the food also contains natural clay minerals for healthy intestinal flora and digestion and an optimal ratio of calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones.
This food has been used successfully for years by bird parks and top breeders. Give your bird the best with this tasty and complete food for your parrot.
Contains beneficial prebiotics for our parrots
With natural clay minerals and prebiotics for a healthy intestinal flora and optimal digestion.
Improves the bird's coat
Contains all the nutrients for a beautiful plumage.
Strengthens the bones of the bird
The optimal calcium/phosphorus ratio for healthy bones.
Recommended by veterinarians used worldwide by ornithological parks and the best breeders.
Characteristics Nutribird Loris for Birds
High nutritional value and very good intake.
It forms a stable solution, in which the powder does not settle.
Formula for hand-rearing Ara, Eclectus, Deroptyus Accipitrinus and African Gray parrots and other birds with high energy needs.
It is a hand-raised food, it is a powder that is easy to mix into a paste
Based on the natural diet of pollen and flower nectar
It contains all the minerals necessary for healthy digestion, beautiful plumage and a strong skeleton.
3kg bucket

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