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Pigeons Ibercare

Bath super exterminator (Bath salts)INDICATIONS:- Bath salts for birds and pigeons 100% natural.- They have an insecticidal and caressing action.- Protects the plumage and promotes its flexibility.- Gives the feather strength and hygiene- Naturally eliminates external parasites.- The product is very..
Ex Tax:9.88€
Hepatox Total +, is a product scientifically designed to protect the liver and restore the intestinal balance of birds. INDICATIONS: - Promotes and relieves the liver, especially after aggressive treatments with antibiotics or intense physical exertion. Regulates the intestine - Restore ..
Ex Tax:12.59€
Oxygen Plus is a treatment, in drops, that clears and disinfects the upper respiratory tract.INDICATIONS- Treatment of trichomoniasis- Infections of the respiratory tract.- Cleans and disinfects the respiratory tract, which promotes oxygenation of the blood and thus increases physical performance.IN..
Ex Tax:7.50€
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