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Nekton B-Komplex 35 grs
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The components of the vitamin B complex are vital for a bird as part of the enzyme systems that catalyze the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins (transformation of carbohydrates into lipids).  Usually the amounts of vitamin B present in vitamin complexes such as Nekton S are suf..
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Nutritional Supplement for molting. Nekton Bio is a special preparation that stimulates the growth of feathers, avoid pecking own feathers caused by nutritional deficiencies and ensures the formation of a complete and balanced plumage. Administered during the annual molt. Also it is used in the e..
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NEKTON E is a nutritional supplement mainly composed of vitamin ENEKTON E avoids vitamin E deficiencies in the diet of birds by covering all the nutritional needs of this important food component, fundamental in the biological processes related to sexual instinct and desire, reproduction and fertili..
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  Multivitamin high in vitamin K for birds in quarantine. NEKTON-Q is a very useful vitamin supplement containing highly active and nutrients. Its composition fully meets the special needs of birds quarantined or subjected to medical treatment...
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Vitamin supplement for birds formulated to provide the adequate daily amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, avoiding their possible deficiencies. Nekton S reinforces the body's resistance, reducing the possibility of infections and diseases.Nekton S multivitamin supplement enriched with amin..
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Tonic NEKTON K for all types of birds that consume seeds is one of the most valued tonics which are currently on the European market. Tonic K reveals its excellent qualities during periods of stress during moulting, breeding or birds for acclimatization of newcomers. It can also be used to put th..
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      NEKTON-GELB enhances the yellow coloring of yellow canaries, orioles, dwarf chickens, mutations of finches (especially yellow lutinos) as well as birds whose feathers containing carotenes. NEKTON-GELB is soluble in water so it can be supplied either in the drin..
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NEKTON-Biotic-Bird is a nutritional supplement with probiotic bacteria that facilitates enzymatic digestion in the intestine of birds. Its content in mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) and fructans also promotes a healthy composition of the crop and intestinal flora. It is ideal in the treatment of..
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Nekton R contains vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, calcium and soluble carotenoids in powder form. Nekton R contributes very effectively to maintain and increase red plumage on those species that react in the presence of carotenoids way. Regular doses of Nekton R also allow the intensification..
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