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High quality pasta for canaries. The nutritional content is adapted exactly to the needs of the canaries. Analysis: protein 22%, fat content 8%, crude ash 3.8%, calcium 0.10%, phosphorus 0.04%, magnesium 0.13%. Composition: Flour, egg and egg products (5% whole egg powder) se..
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Egg paste Easyyem. It is high in protein and is especially suitable for goldfinches, cardinals, finches and all kinds of wild birds. It can be administered both during the breeding period and the rest of the year. Enriched with dried insects.   Analysis: Protein 30%, Fat 8%, Ashes 3.8%, Calcium 0...
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High quality pasta for white canaries or affected by doré, enriched with vitamin A.Analysis:22% protein, 8% fat content, crude ash 3.8%, calcium 0.10%, phosphorus 0.04%, magnesium 0.13%. Composition: flour, egg and egg products (dry albumin only 5%) and seeds.Preparation:mix three pa..
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Easyyem egg feeding adapts to all species of red birds.The content in nutritious substance is composed exactly to the needs and enriched expressly with a canthaxanthin.It is not necessary to mix an additional red color.ANALYSIS: Proteins 22%, Fat Content 8%, Crude ash 3.8%, Calcium 0.10%..
Ex Tax:6.36€
FAUNAFORMVitamins for molting, complementary food for ornamental birds.COMPOSITION: Dehydrated milk, calcium carbonate.Packaging:Small 100 grLarge 250 gr..
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Immunostimulant for cases of prophylaxis and adjuvant treatments in disease situations.IMMUN is characterized by the combination of certain herbal extracts that trigger a reaction in the system itself body's defenses under stress and achieve greater resistance.The active plant extracts and i..
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COMPOSITION: Glucose, calcium carbonate.NUTRITIONAL ADDITIVES PER KG: 50,000 mg of vitamin E, 50 mg of selenium (sodium selenite).PROVIT-E contributes to "give a push" to the birds in breeding season since it promotes fertility.Also, its benefits for muscular performance and protection o..
Ex Tax:6.20€
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