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Psittacus papilla alta energia 1 Kg

Psittacus papilla alta energia 1 Kg
Psittacus papilla alta energia 1 Kg
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Is indicated to raise manually, from the moment that blunt the feather shafts (approximately 20 days), those species of parrot that require high fat diets: grays, macaws, eclectus, poicephalus ... its use is recommended until the time of emancipation. In the weaning phase was gradually replaced by solid food.

The formula PSITTACUS High Energy porridge is porridge 17-20 ahead with 17% protein and 20% fat. Contains the most suitable for these species vegetable oil: palm oil. It also contains papaya, flattering digestive transit.

Regular use:
Of guidance in every shot, parrots eat 7 to 10 ml of slurry per 100 g of weight. The number of doses per day depends on the species of parrot and age.

Preparation of slurry:
You must be a measure of porridge in a bowl and add warm mineral water until the texture is creamy (not liquid or pasty). This is important to get the right nutrition and digestive transit. The resulting slurry should be warm to the touch. Using the microwave is not recommended. The remaining slurry at each feeding should be discarded.

It should be ensured that an hour before each meal parrot the crop is completely empty. We recommend supplying the slurry with a syringe with soft probe. This is the safest and cleanest method. It is advisable to stimulate animal slightly pressing the side corners of the peak to induce swallowing movements, before the introduction of the probe.

Cereals, legumes, minerals and sugars.
Crude protein 17.0%
2.5% fiber

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