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It is indicated for the majority of species in the wild eat seeds, fruit and vegetables (nymphs, lovebirds, cockatiels, budgerigars ...). The feeds are indicated for maintenance be provided to pets and players in the stages of reproductive inactivity. Its composition allows them to comfortably m..
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Is indicated to raise manually, from the moment that blunt the feather shafts (approximately 20 days), those species of parrot that require high fat diets: grays, macaws, eclectus, poicephalus ... its use is recommended until the time of emancipation. In the weaning phase was gradually replaced by s..
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Designed to bring the cannons from that blunt feathers birds like Amazons, cockatoos, parrots, budgerigars, caiques and pionus or any other bird that needs diets high in fat. Contains soy, highly digestible, and papaya, which promotes digestive transit. recommendations It is then a slurry of..
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Lovebird Psittacus Pasta BreedingIndicatedThis product is indicated for species of small parrots of the genus Nymphicus, Eolophus, Aratinga, Platycercus, Melopsittacus, Agapornis, Neophema, etc. It is formulated to supplement the diet of the reproducers in the fattening stage of the young.recommenda..
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Neonatal porridge for birds Psittacus 1 Kg Indicated for yacos, amazons, cockatoos, macaws, Poicephalus, Psittacula, sun parrot, rosella, etc. Contraindicated for nymphs and small Australian Psittacids. It is designed to be bred manually from the second neonatal phase to the moment when the fe..
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It is a complete small birds of the family of parrots (nymphs, lovebirds, cockatiels, budgerigars ...) I think. Indicated to be supplied to pets and players in the stages of reproductive inactivity. Description Formula suitable for small species like parakeets, nymphs, lovebirds, parakeets sm..
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Psittacus Pienso Fórmula Minor is a complete feed for psittacidae birds of small size (such as lovebirds, forpus, phyrruras, kakarikis, and others similar). Recommended especially for pets and breeding birds in reproductive inactivity stage. It contains all the ingredients for these birds to develop..
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It is a complete feed for psittacidae birds of the subfamily loriinae. It is recommended to supply it dry and complement it with PSITTACUS NÉCTAR Loris also in dry and in a separate feeder. It is also recommended to supplement the diet with fresh fruit. Contains pollen, dehydrated egg, dehydrat..
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Fructose, Dehydrated apple, Grains of cereals, Products and by-products of seeds and oleaginous fruits, Dehydrated papaya, Minerals, Inulin (0.05%). The daily consumption Orientatively, these birds ingest 7 to 10g of dry gel and nectar per 100g of weight. Observations It is a complementary f..
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Psittacus mini    indicated  It is designed to manually raise psittacine chicks, from  when they blunt the feather shafts. it is  specially designed for granivorous species of small size: nymphs,  lovebirds, Forpus, parakeets ...    daily consumption  On average parrots di..
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Serinus Soluble Calcium SupplementThe soluble calcium supplement is a complementary food for all types of birds.Reference species: Psittacine birds, pigeons, finches, canaries, goldfinches, cardinals .......Feeding instructions: Dilute 11 to 23 g of Soluble Calcium Supplement per liter of drinking w..
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  It is indicated for wild species that consume a significant amount of oil plants seeds (macaws, African gray parrots ...). Consumption ingest approximately 5% to 8% of its weight. For example, a Grey Parrot consume daily from 20 to 40 g. protein: 17% fat: 11% fiber: 2.5%..
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High Energy FormulaIndicatedSuitable for species that in the wild consume a significant amount of seeds ofimportant quantity of oil plant seeds in the wild(macaws, grey parrots, poicephalus...). Maintenance feeds are suitable to be fed to pets and topets and breeders in the stages of reproducti..
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It is indicated for wild species consume seeds, fruit and other fresh vegetables (Amazon parrots, parrots, eclectus, cockatoos ...). It is also indicated as a formula for use in parrots, consuming high-energy diet and lack of activity, tend to get fat. Daily consumption: Between 5 and 8% of the ..
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This feed is indicated as transition food from the animal stops taking porridge into adulthood. It is a formula that stimulates the growth of chicks of all species of birds. Contains a high level of protein with a suitable amino acid profile for nutritional demand higher stages. daily consumptio..
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