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Comedero gigante pajarera
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Trough giant aviary, 1000 ml / 20 cm This giant feeder can easily fill. It's easy to clean and resistant to weathering. Also suitable for cages outside.  ..
9.95€ 11.95€
Ex Tax:8.22€
Complete playground for parakeets, lovebirds and small parrots. This toy is perfect for entertaining and encouraging exercise and fun of our birds. Prevents boredom and stimulate your bird's intelligence. Your parakeet or lovebird it will cool up and down the stairs, swinging on the swing or ringing..
Ex Tax:18.97€
Natural Living 1..
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Natural Living 2..
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 Dimensions: 28 x 25 x 22 cm. - Suitable for parakeets and canaries. - Very useful for the exercise of the pet in the cage. - Suitable for enrichment of the environment, making the welfare of the pet. This play area is in the range 'Natural Living' Trixie for birds and rodents. This collection..
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Bebedero gigante pajarera
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Drinker giant aviary, 1000 ml / 20 cm This source can be perfectly used for aviaries. The source is 20 cm high and has up to 1000 ml. The birds always have fresh water.  ..
9.95€ 11.95€
Ex Tax:8.22€
This pendant swing belongs to the 'Natural Living' range of Trixie for birds and rodents. This collection looks after the health of the pet because they are ancillary materials from nature, which are not treated with additives. - Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 27 cm. - Triangular. - With slices of wood ..
Ex Tax:5.78€
- Mirror metálico.- With 3 campanas.- Dimensions: 8 x 7 cm.- This metal mirror serves to simulate another pájaro.- The bells ring every time the mirror is touched.  ..
Ex Tax:4.12€
    Wooden toy with a bell measure 21 cm..
Ex Tax:4.42€
Juguete Natural Living cascabel/cuerda 20 cm..
Ex Tax:2.60€
Wall climbing rope   Has this toy safe and durable . Adds variety and interest to any cage. It provides exercise and stimulation. Hours of emotion for your bird ...   - Dimensions: 27 x 24 cm . - Wood . - With sisal network . - About chains . - Triangular shape..
Ex Tax:4.55€
Natural Living Arch Swing   Natural Living wooden swing , natural trunk dimensions 15x20 cm.   This swing is natural wood . Swing includes strips of wood and cotton rope to play. Contribution accessories for fun and stimulation..
Ex Tax:3.26€
Gnawing stone lava stone .   System crash. Main features:   - Dimensions: 16 cm . - Wood . - With bell. - For dental care and beak ...
Ex Tax:2.41€
Grease Ball Feeder with RoofMeasures 10 × 25 cm..
Ex Tax:4.88€
Syringe for embuchar with anchorage so that the needle does not shoot out and thus damage the chicks during the embuche Sizes: Small - 2.5 ml Medium - 5 ml Large - 10 ml Extra large - 30 ml..
Ex Tax:0.33€
Birds Transportín 27 × 32 × 27cm, Dark Blue / Blue cl - Dimensions: · Width: 27 cm. · Height: 32 cm. · Depth: 27 cm. - Made of nylon. - Ideal to take the pet to the vet. - Wooden hanger hitch removable screws. - With mesh for better air circulation. - With side pocket. - Save storage spa..
Ex Tax:21.45€
This plastic tub pendant is mounted outside the open door of the cage. Let your bird take a bath anytime. This bath is suitable for nymphs and birds of similar size Hanging plastic tub, 22x15 cm. Capacity 1500 ml..
Ex Tax:15.29€
This is a simple plastic syringe, washable, hand feeding them to breed pigeons. 5 ml Feeding jeriga Syringe feeding is common practice among breeders. It starts around two weeks and by this method are obtained very docile and trusting chicks who do not fear people. You need to learn good te..
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