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Canto Alegre

Canto Alegre

Alpiste canto alegre origin canada, High quality seeds selected, cleaned of dust and other impurities. Protein 13% Fat 4% Carbohydrate 7% Carbohydrate 7%. Target species: ornamental birds.Packages: 1 kg. 5 kg. 20 kg...
Ex Tax:2.15€
Cañamon pequeño canto alegre is an oily seed, of good nutritional value, it is warming and exciting. Good taste for canaries, should be given with care, it is a bit indigestible, suitable for moulting and breeding.  Parents like to feed their chicks with hempseed. Stimulates sexual ardour ..
Ex Tax:2.64€
Milk thistle, seeds that can support the digestive system and liver function. Milk thistle is beneficial for the liver and gall bladder, protects against toxins and stimulates the growth of new tissue, this protection is important to eliminate harmful biological substances. Packaging: 1 kg..
Ex Tax:3.40€
Golden flaxseed very rich in Omega 3 acid, vitamin E, fibre and proteins. Highly valued for its nutritional and dietetic properties.It favours evacuation in case of constipation and is very useful during the moulting season for the brightness it gives to the plumage. Packaging: 1 kg and 5 kg...
Ex Tax:2.65€
Mixture Agapornis classic canto alegre is for all types of lovebirds, composed of a balanced seed mixture of quality and cleanliness.Composition: yellow millet, birdseed, peeled oats, hulled oats, paddy rice, white sorghum, carthamus, golden linseed, buckwheat, blackgrass, red millet. The 1kg a..
Ex Tax:1.77€
Mixtura canario classic canto alegre, a mixture of classic seeds for wild canaries and their hybrids for a balanced diet. Composition: canaryseed, peeled oats, black turnip rape and bakery products. Packaging: 5 kg and 20 kg...
Ex Tax:8.95€
Mixtura canarios suprema canario suprema canto alegre sin dore, selection of high quality seeds for mosaic canaries. Composition: birdseed, canaryseed, golden linseed, perilla. The 5kg format is a repackaged presentation of the original product as the manufacturer does not have this format..
Ex Tax:10.86€
Mixture for Venezuelan cardinals, luganos and all their hybrids. Fine seed mix suitable for most wild birds.Composition: Birdseed, Perilla, Wild Seeds, Negrillo, Sesame, Brown Linseed, Red Millet. Packaging: 800 gr and 3 kg...
Ex Tax:3.59€
Mixture for goldfinches, selection of the most suitable seeds for goldfinches, parvas and their hybrids. Composition: white perilla, birdseed, canary grass, small hempseed, black nightshade, black turnip, chicory, alfalfa, milk thistle, golden linseed, sesame, peeled oats, thistle. Packagi..
Ex Tax:3.23€
Seed mix enriched with fruit, suitable for all types of parrots.Composition: grated sunflower, white sunflower, carthamus, white sorghum, arror pady, wheat, green pea, red sorghum, bakery products, peanuts, peeled peanuts, dried fruits, chilli, cedar nuts, rosehip berries.Packaging: 1 kg, 3 kg and 1..
Ex Tax:3.18€
Mixture for large psitacids suitable for the breeding season. Composition: iregi pipa, carthamus, serrasene wheat, peeled oats, hemp, wheat, cevada, white sorghum, red sorghum, white sunflower, peanuts, paddy rice, frifol, peas, maize, brown linseed, chilli. Packaging: 800 gr, 3 kg and 15 ..
Ex Tax:1.77€
Mixture for neophemas canto alegre. Mixture for neophemas and other varieties of small parrots that do not like large and hard seeds. Composition: canaryseed, white millet, yellow millet, peeled oats, Japanese millet, hempseed, serrasene wheat, black seed, golden linseed, cartamo. Packagin..
Ex Tax:2.05€
Mixture nymphs classic canto alegre. Composition: yellow millet, wheat, canary seed, peeled oats, cartamo, brown linseed, iregui seed, red sorghum, sunflower seed, hempseed, serrasene wheat, red millet, white sorghum, bakery products. Packaging: 1 kg, 5 kg and 20 kg...
Ex Tax:8.82€
Mixture classic parakeets canto alegre, suitable for all types of parakeets.Composition: Yellow White Corn, Red White Corn, Canary Islands, Peeled Oats, Brown Flax, Safflower, Bakery Products and Pasta Products.Packaging: 1 kg, 5 kg and 20 kg...
Ex Tax:1.73€
Buckwheat buckwheat. It provides a good amount of minerals such as iron, phosphorus and potassium. It is restorative and protects intestinal health. Packaging: 1 kg and 5 kg...
Ex Tax:2.40€
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Canto, Alegre