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Vanhee 14000 - 500ml (optimizes digestion and regenerates intestinal flora)INDICATIONS: - Optimizes digestion and intestinal flora. - It favors digestion. - It is effective in case of intestinal dysfunction or in case of non-consistent droppings, especially if it is chicks. - For a correct d..
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Liquid beer yeast enriched with vitamin C, MSM, chromium, vegetable extracts - Supplementary food for pigeons.Van-Biergist liquid 17000 is a yeast extract of beer with a high concentration of chromium chelate, vitamin C, MSM, apple cider vinegar and plant extracts.INDICATIONS: - Stimulates ..
Ex Tax:12.72€
Bath salts with natural added oils based on eucalyptus.INDICATIONS: - Gives a healthy and natural shine to the plumage - Disinfects the plumage and drives away the bugs - Promotes the fall of the down and eliminates skin flakes - Makes the muscles flexibleHOW TO USE :1 to 2 tablespoo..
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Compound based on garlic juice enriched with calcium, iron, glucose and vitamin C.INDICATIONS: - Purify the blood. - Increase resistance. - It favors a quick recovery after the flight. - It favors a correct intestinal flora. - Optimizes health and makes pigeons recover their strength soon a..
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Vanhee Brewer's Yeast 9000 powder - 600g (enriched brewer's yeast)Vanhee Brewer's Yeast is rich in B-complex vitamins and amino acids and contains naturally high-quality protein.INDICATIONS:- Improves general endurance and helps fight stress- Promotes the development and vitality of the offspring- I..
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