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Flexible cord parakeets to place the bars of the cages You have the following measures: 56.5 cm - 14 mm..
Ex Tax:2.81€
Yacos flexible cord or African Grey Parrot to place the bars of the cage great for your bird can relax and rest You have the following measures: 70 cm - 20 mm..
Ex Tax:4.76€
    Bird toy with bells mirror and a modern design that will delight your birds. +/- Diameter 5 x 15 cm..
Ex Tax:4.92€
      Funny perfect cage for your bird complement. With this toy your bird will be entertained for hours, avoiding boredom and unwanted behaviors that this causes. It is a product of excellent German quality. The stairs are made of safe and durable natural wood that does not dama..
Ex Tax:10.70€
Mirror diameter 5.5 cm Total height 12 cm..
Ex Tax:1.45€
Paddle kilear seeds helpful throughout aviary...
Ex Tax:2.40€
Lima naturally beak and claws of birds. It is easily fixed. Size: 22 cm or 15 cm . Ø  2 cm    ..
Ex Tax:3.44€
This hanger Amazon or grays ensures that your bird can sharpen its beak and nails are short and clean. 27 cm..
Ex Tax:4.07€
The snake   Accessories available toys that will stimulate and entertain your bird. This toy snake has a modern design . Hood finish , provides various small objects such as beads , mirrors or bells.   +/- Diameter 5 x 15 cm..
Ex Tax:3.45€
Staircase with a loud rattle and rotating top. For small birds Size: 7 x 18 cm  ..
Ex Tax:2.11€
Agapornis sticks sandpaper coverPack of 3 units with sandpaper for the sticks of your cage. It will provoke your bird's nail file naturally, preventing overgrowth.Being made with natural elements, it is totally harmless to the animal in case of ingestion...
Ex Tax:1.64€
This chalk hanger helps your bird to sharpen its beak and trim its nails in a simple and natural way. Approximate length 25.5 cm Diameter 4.5 cm..
Ex Tax:5.74€
Funda de lija pajaros 4 unidades por paquete de lija..
Ex Tax:1.41€
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