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Pax Pharma

BIO-SCAR is a preparation for the hygiene of pets, especially suitable for the protection and regeneration of the skin.   Allantoin is an agent stimulating the formation of tissue with a remarkable action reepitelizante. Vit. A has a protective action. The wheat germ oil has regenerative prope..
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Water-soluble vitamin premix intended for all ornamental birds, especially indicated in cases of avitaminosis, nervous disorders, weakness of the young and feather deficiencies.Vitamin complex at shock doses, especially indicated in cases of avitaminosis, nervous disorders, weakness of the offspring..
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Vitamin premix hidrosolube   Indications   All species: multivitamin dose of shock, especially indicated as stress (illness, changes in housing, transportation, diet changes, early weaning, accidents ...) and stimulating productions, egg drop, recovery from illness infectious and prolong..
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The soluble form of this vitamin premix allow management n drinking water. Vitamins act on the body avoiding a deficiency presentation box and stimulating its vital functions. The presence of the amino acids methionine and lysine facilitates the offspring fledging, molting birds and egg viabilit..
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INDICATIONS Cage and exotic birds, ornamental and pigeons: broodstock breeding. Preparation before and after mating. Activation of the sexual instinct. Increased set-up and improved hatchability. Increase in spermatogenesis and fertilization. Supply before the laying in order to increase the organi..
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Protan is a powder supplement with all the vitamins and minerals for the animals' metabolism to work properly.Characteristic:Vitamin and mineral supplement for all types of farm animals (hens, chickens, pigs, ducks, partridges, rabbits...), dogs, cats and birdsProvides the necessary vitamins and min..
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Lafi Vitamin E 20 ml is a vitamin supplement that promotes fertility...
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    Bird cage and exotic, ornamental and doves promotes regeneration of skin and mucous membranes. Regulates metabolism. Increases the natural defenses against disease. Vitamin A deficiency is recommended during periods of breeding and laying, in the presence of weakness of the skin an..
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Water-soluble vitamin premix Detoxifying and regenerating. Indicated in cases of decreased fertility, stress, appetite stimulant, nervous disorders, hatching and hatching problems, weak young, feather deficiencies, paralysis and twisted claws.Caged Birds: Decreased fertility, stress, appetite stimul..
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Dogs, cats and birds: Natural insect repellent based on plant extracts. Acts against fleas and ticks and mosquito flying insects and transmitters of diseases. HOW TO USE external use, by application to the skin. Separate the hair between the shoulder blades until the skin is exposed, place the..
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Lafi Vitamin AD3 + E 100 ml, is a vitamin supplement that enhances fertility and putting. INDICATIONS: Cage and exotic birds, ornamentals and pigeons: breeding stock. Preparation for before and after mating. Activation of the sexual instinct. Increase in laying and improvement of hatchability...
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Hydrosoluble vitamin premix with choline chloride and milk thistle for cage birds. Choline chloride is a lipotropic agent, since it favors the metabolization of fats in the liver, facilitating its correct use and preventing fatty liver. On the other hand, milk thistle contains silymarin, substanc..
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Vitamin A 100 ml Laffi Birds of cage, exotic, ornamental and pigeons: Vitamin A intervenes in the formation, protection and regeneration of tissues (skin and mucous membranes) and in the formation of ocular pigments, responsible for vision. It also intervenes in the regulation of bone metabolism,..
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Lafi Vitamin E 100 ml is a vitamin supplement that promotes fertility. Intended for cage, exotic, ornamental birds and pigeons: correction of fertility disorders. Avitaminosis, encephalomalacia and stimulant of the productions. Antioxidant and stimulating action in the regeneration of epithelial ..
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