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Levolac Powder   Complex germinated and fermented cereals by selected lactic bacteria. Complex of natural enzymes (plant and bacterial). Used as a natural growth factor favoring food transition and increasing assimilation of it.   Composition: Crude protein: 12.9%; Crude fat: 1.6% Crude ..
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Levolac 100 grs | Live bacteriaIndications:- Facilitates digestion and assimilation. Stimulates the establishment of the digestive flora.- Restoration of the flora after stress, vaccinations, antibiotic treatments, etc.- Helps the bacteria of the digestive tract to adapt quickly to the new diet and ..
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LEVOLAC LIQUID 1 LiterLive Lactic Bacteria (Probiotic and Prebiotic)IndicationsFacilitates digestion and assimilation.Stimulation of the digestive flora.Restoration of flora after stress, vaccinations, antibiotic treatments, etc.It allows better control of the digestive fermentations of starches.How..
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All-natural protective hepato (composed of 17 plants).Properties:The liver intervenes in more than 300 functions of the organism. Among all these functions one of the most important is the production of energy in addition to protein synthesis, intervention in the metabolism of fats through bile secr..
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