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Large facilities that house animals such as kennels, pens or stables accumulate a high amount of bacteria, fungi and dirt due to the interaction between animals. To prevent the animals that live in these facilities, it is important to carry out disinfectant actions that keep the facilities in the be..
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ARPON® Diazipol is an emulsifiable insecticide that combines the efficacy and low concentration properties of Cypermethrin with the powerful and prolonged residual effect of Deltamethrin, thus obtaining unbeatable results in the disinfestation of all types of facilities.ARPON® Diazipol is an emulsif..
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Multipurpose deodorizer capable of eliminating the odors that your pet can give off, but it also serves to eliminate the smell of garbage, tobacco or fish.CharacteristicNew Eliminates odors from Zotal Hogar. It does not mask them, but eliminates them. It is slightly scented, providing a pleasant aro..
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ZOTAL® Zero is a microbicide disinfectant with a LEMON SMELL. It is exactly the same as the Zotal of always, so it is indicated to be used in warehouses, barracks, patios, chalets, country houses and other facilities. Due to its microbicidal disinfectant action with LEMON SMELL, it eliminates unplea..
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