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Alpiste Canada (Manitoba) It is a quality certified seed canada with high in carbohydrates and low in fat, so it is advisable to supply them with other seeds that have a higher fat content. Suitable for all types of granivorous birds Active ingredients: starch, lipids, resins, salicylic acid a..
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Carduelidi + Chia (Manitoba) Mayor Goldfinch Extra quality professional mixing, Special to Jilgueros Mayor consists of seeds white goatee, dactylis, white lettuce, chicory, elm, canary seed, linseed, sesame, black lettuce, chia, male pipe, camelina, poppy, beautiful night, hempseed, cypress an..
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Yellow Pasta Seca "Dolce Forno Dry" (Manitoba) Professional dry yellow cake extra quality for all kinds of birds, no colors, based bakery products, vegetable protein extracts, cereals, oils and fats, honey 1% natural sugars, egg and egg products, seeds, minerals, aromas . Ideal for breeding, main..
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Pate Insect Insectivorous Pasta (Manitoba) Description: Complementary paste based on bakery products, oils and fats, cereals, extracts from Vegetable proteins, by-products of vegetable origin, fruits, honey, mineral substances, egg and gammarus. Format: Bag 400 gr..
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Semilla Alta Germinación 7,5 kg MANITOBA
-13 %
Niger, turnip, safflower (white thistle), katiang jode, wheat, white lettuce, white sorghum, hemp, alfalfa, vegetable garden, quinoa.Germination is the process in which the seed awakens from its resting state; a fundamental element in this process is the presence of water which, penetrating into the..
26.50€ 30.53€
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Mxt. Germination (Manitoba) Professional mixing premium quality for all kinds of birds composed elm seeds, white lettuce, safflower, green soybeans, hemp seed, red rape and wheat. Especially recommended for use alone or together with pulp making breeding more nutritious and tasty food birds. D..
Ex Tax:9.05€
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