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Calcicolina-P 1 Litro

Calcicolina-P 1 Litro Latac

Calcicolina-P 1 Litro
Calcicolina-P 1 Litro
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Latac Calcicolina-P is a supplement rich in calcium and phosphorus that prevents liver problems and strengthens the bones of canaries, goldfinches, linnets, nymphs and ornamental birds in general.

Calcicolina-P is a specific product for the treatment of deficiency states in birds, which are usually caused by inadequate nutrition.

Excess fat causes serious disorders in the digestive system (such as hepatitis and enteritis), reducing the birds' defenses and leaving them exposed to diseases.

Excess fat also hinders the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Calcicolina-P corrects the possible problems caused by a poor diet and, in addition, in higher doses, it is an effective treatment against liver and digestive problems.


Corrects problems derived from poor eating patterns

Avoid hepatitis and enteritis

strengthens the bones


In normal birds, treat 2 days a week

During reproduction, 4 days of treatment and 3 days of rest.

In liver or digestive diseases (red belly, inflamed liver), apply a minimum treatment of 8 days, until complete healing.

Eliminate all oilseed grains from the diet (rapeseed, opium poppy, hempseed).


Mix to 50 ml of drinking water, (a drinker) 1 ml of CALCICOLINA-P (or 20 drops of dropper from the bottle).

To prepare a liter of water, mix it with 2 caps, (equivalent to 20 ml)

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