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Rohfried UsneGano (acts on the digestive system)Usne Gano is a liquid product for birds that acts on the digestive system, facilitating solid faeces. In addition, it also has an effect on the noses of birds, especially pigeons, giving them bright white noses. Usne Gano has bearded lichen, oregano, u..
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Röhnfried Mitex Bio Pulver  - Elimina parásitos externos
-6 %
Röhnfried Mitex Bio Pulver - Eliminates external parasitesEliminates external parasites - 100% natural and biological- Highly effective products against all types of mites, especially red and black mites. - Also eliminates other external parasites. - 100% natural and biological. - Non..
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Rohnfried Mitex Mite Spray 400 mlcombating bird mites effective physical impactKieselguhr Spray is a sprayable diatomaceous earth (diatomaceous earth) that reliably and sustainably combats red and black bird mites and all other crawling insects.Kieselguhr Spray is a sprayable diatomaceous ..
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