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Complete food especially suitable for gray parrots. Food that contains all the seeds that be in the gray parrot their region of origin: Africa, enriched with delicious figs, carob beans and gold The main ingredients are: sunflower seeds, dates, figs, beans and corn. 750 g  ..
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      The Vitakraft is a special food for lovebirds or "inseparable" with ingredients from their place of origin, Africa. Developed by veterinary and scientific experts, they will taste totally crazy. Contains acacia flowers, dates, figs and corn color, that these birds are..
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Bars with honey and 3 layers of seeds for canariesVitakraft Kracker Canary Bars are made with premium quality natural ingredients to offer your feathered friend a healthy snack that promotes good health and will keep them full of vitality. In addition, it provides a balanced nutritional supplement a..
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Vegetable Clean Paper is a vegetable litter made from recycled paper pressed in the form of a pellet suitable for rodents, ferrets, cats, birds and small mammals.FEATURES:very absorbentNeutralizes odors.Made from natural products.Without chemical additives.100% biodegradable.It does not produce dust..
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The proven superior natural food brought from the land of parrots. Contains iodine beads for a healthy thyroid gland. Vitakraft Menu is a balanced mix of sun-ripened seeds, delicious cereal grains, nuts and honey.It contains all the important nutrients and essential substances for strengthening the ..
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